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Misa appears in Jump Superstars as a Help Koma. She later appears in the sequel Jump Ultimate Stars as a Help Koma, but also as a Support Koma. The first Koma lets her use the Shinigami eyes to hinder opponents. Her strongest Koma has Misa skipping about the screen, with any character attacking her having their name written in Rem's Death Note, instantly put under a countdown to the character's death.


Misa Amane grew up with her parents until they both were killed by an anonymous robber before her very eyes. Crushed by her parents' deaths, Misa was even more upset once the killer's trials were delayed.

Misa Amane lived through most of her adolescence under the pop-idol alias Misa-Misa. Misa was later visited by Rem, a shinigami with a Death Note who tells her that she is the rightful owner of another shinigami's Death Note. Jelus, a shinigami, fell in love with Misa, though his life was taken once his feelings took root. According to the rulings of the Death Note, Misa earned ownership of the Death Note. In addition, Misa also earns the power of the Shinigami eyes, allowing her to see a person's name simply by looking at them.

Upon the announcement of the Kira killings, the robber who killed her parents is killed off by Kira. Finding hope in Kira's sense of Justice, Misa anonymously sends messages throughout Japan, killing criminals in ways different than Kira. Light, L, and the Japanese Task Force take notice in this "Second Kira," and watch the killer's actions. Misa secretly watches Kira react to her murders, eventually setting up a date to spy on him. In disguise, Misa uses the Shinigami eyes to find Light. Misa then travels to Light's house, allegedly under the notion that she is Light's girlfriend, and forms an alliance with Light. Misa asks Light to be her boyfriend, offering her Death Note and her will to Light's causes. Light then hugs her, agreeing to the plan, with Misa saying how she'll find a way to make Light love her.
Misa is the Second Kira, later becoming a major importance in Light Yagami's ultimate plan.
Misa is the Second Kira, later becoming a major importance in Light Yagami's ultimate plan.

Misa appears at Light's school, also attended by L under the alias Hideki Ryuga, and introduces herself to L. Despite her outgoing nature, Light is shocked to see her in the open. Though his initial plan to see L's lifespan using Misa's Shinigami eyes fails, Light continues to use Misa to help him find out L's real name.

Misa is then arrested and incarcerated under the notion that she is the Second Kira, after evidence of fingerprints on the sent tapes is found. Under an intricate plan courtesy of Light, Misa's memories of the Death Note are erased. Misa is then driven to a secret part of the city along with Light by Light's father, who falsely threatens to kill Light and himself. After a long thought-out plan by L, Misa then assists Light in the Kira case, though mostly she remains under close watch by L and the Task Force. Misa then recovers the Death Note from Ryuk, regaining her memories of the Death Note. Upon the death of Higuchi and Light's reclaiming of the Death Note, Rem, in an effort to save Misa's life, offers her own life in exchange for Misa's safety while simultaneously killing L. Misa and Light continue to live together for the next five years.

Misa, under the assumption of being Light's true soul mate, confronts Light's second female interest Kiyomi Takada. Under a strong suspicion of something bad about to happen, Misa leaves her and Light's home in Gothic lolita fashion. When Light is about to die, he cries out to Misa. The final scene with Misa has her standing on the edge of a building, inferring her decision to commit suicide upon Light's death, but this is never truly confirmed.


Misa is known to dress particularly in mixes of Gothic and punk outfits, though her taste evolves after the five-year time skip into traditional clothing. Her hair is usually in pigtails.

Misa proves her loyalty to Light in a multitude of ways, sometimes even going the extra mile in finding information for Light and the Task Force, as shown upon her gathering information about Higuchi. However, Light admits to Kiyomi Takada that Misa is "too impulsive." Despite not loving Misa in the same way as she does to him, Light uses Misa as a way to kill criminals while he attempts to discover the name of his second rival, Near.

Misa's rather ditzy nature has been under criticism by fans, considering her to be more annoying than any other character in the anime. However, other fans find her bubbly nature to be a unique contrast to the serious and somber tone of the anime.

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