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L has appeared in three

Death Note

games for the DS. The first is the

Kira's Game

, where the player can choose between either the Kira or L sides. The second Death Note game,

Successor to L

, follows the students of L, all trying to achieve the name of the next L. The third Death Note game,

Prologue to L

, follows a story before the Death Note saga, where an FBI agent must escape a hotel with the guidance of L.

L also appears in the Jump! fighting series for the Nintendo DS. In

Jump! Superstars


Jump! Ultimate Stars

, L can be used as a help Koma panel, or use his surveillance tactics (which trap the player) as a Support Koma.


L is the master detective who aims to solve the Kira case.
L is the master detective who aims to solve the Kira case.

L is introduced in Death Note as an anonymous and shadow-confined detective who intentionally tricks

Light Yagami

("Kira") into announcing his location by presenting a criminal in his place on Japanese television. Out of anger, Light kills the false L, revealing his general location. L is shocked at Light's power and travels to Japan in an effort to find the true Kira and bring him to justice. L continues to use a voice-modulation device and his assistant Watari to communicate to the police department in Japan.

Upon revealing his identity to the Japanese Task Force, L undergoes an intricate espionage plot, informing the Task Force to call him "Ryuzaki." Upon significant analysis of modern criminal records and their availability to the public, L determines that the leader of the Task Force, Souichiro Yagami's son, Light could be Kira. L continues to monitor Light through surveillance cameras, but despite not discovering any evidence of Light being Kira, decides to continue the investigation into the field.

L joins the same college that Light enters, all while matching Light's extremely high exam scores, eventually introducing himself as L to Light. However, Light is unable to kill L with the

Death Note

not only because he only knows L's name, but L uses a Japanese superstar's alias "Hideki Ryuga." The battle continues between L and Light as to who can reveal their secret first.

As Light and L continue to battle each other secretly, L offers Light a position in solving the Kira case. Light accepts and becomes a member of the Task Force in an effort to know more about L. Upon

Misa Amane

's capture, Light offers to put himself in confinement to clear his name from being Kira. L agrees and watches Light, Misa, and Light's father for days with

L's insignia is used when he communicates to other characters anonymously.
L's insignia is used when he communicates to other characters anonymously.

out sleep. Eventually, L releases the three, handcuffing himself to Light as he is still unconvinced that Light isn't Kira. L and Light work together to solve the case of a false Kira, which in turn allows Light to clear his name and reattain his lost memories as part of an intricate plot between the


who own the Death Note.

Upon Light's returning of the Death Note, L is killed by the Shinigami Rem as a part of Light's plan. His last sight is a sinister grin from Light, officially concluding to himself that Light is Kira. Upon Light's death, L reappears as Light's final sight, with Light acknowledging his ultimate rival.


L's appearance is generally a complete opposite of the expected appearance of a


. Despite considering himself elite and aristocratic, L appears in simple clothing and dark circles beneath his eyes, mostly due to a lack of sleep. L is incredibly deep in thought and does not conclude a case without the highest of supportive evidence. He is also known to sit with his knees at his chest, believing that his intellect can work more efficiently when in this position. Also, he has a significant appetite for sweets, though doesn't gain weight, informing Misa that using his brain helps counter the sweet-included diet.


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