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    Molly appears in Parasoul's story and is the communications officer for the Black Egrets.

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    As the Black Egret's communications officer, Molly's primary job is keeping the team connected. However, fellow Black Egret, and chief engineer Roxie has made so many additions and modifications to her field telephone equipment that it is now classified as a weapons system. In fact, it's a full on mech at this point! Behold Graham-o-Tron!

    It was revealed during the Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign that Molly would be up for the chance to become a fully playable DLC character based on fan votes. Her description gave possibilities for how she might fight and move both on foot, or in her battle mech. Whether or not the mech would be her normal way of fighting, come out as part of a special move or perhaps something else, was not specified as of yet.

    Further speculation on her play-style by Lab Zero Games begins to play with, and twist how Skullgirls' mechanics of switching in and out characters even works:

    In the spirit of switchboard operators assisting soldiers on the field, she could have supportive abilities that give her team bonuses when she’s not on point. For example, she might allow her teammates to gain more meter, heal red life faster, or experience shorter hitstun or blockstun in specific cases. She may even have attacks and supers that can only be performed when she’s not the active character like an air strike, medevac, supply drop, or a damage boost during the point character’s supers.

    Lab Zero Games

    While Molly was not initially a fan favorite, the reveal of her Graham-o-Tron mech certainly helped her chances. Unfortunately for Molly fans, while she made it past the first round of voting, she was eliminated during the second.


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