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    The military leader and princess of Canopy Kingdom, Parasoul fights with poise and dignity using her living umbrella, Kreig.

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    The princess of the Canopy Kingdom and leader of its elite military - the Black Egrets, Parasoul's own mother, Queen Nancy, became a Skullgirl when she was a child. She is fiercely protective of her little sister, Umbrella, and is frequently torn between defence of her country and defense of her family.

    Parasoul is primarily a poking character, and uses a variety of charge moves. In addition to her long attack range, her projectiles can leave napalm tears around the screen as traps which can be detonated by her umbrella or the passage of time. She can also call on her troops for a variety of support functions.

    Parasoul was designed to be the most visually 'mature' character, despite being younger than Valentine. Her defining characteristic is her long legs, emphasized by her short skirt and lack of heeled shoes.

    Parasoul is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.


    While preparing to take Umbrella to get some ice cream, Parsoul is informed of a new Skullgirl emergence in New Meridian by two of her soldiers Adam and Molly. Leaving her sister in Adam's care, Parasoul goes off in search of the Skullgirl. When she receives word that her soldiers have spotted the Skullgirl, they are unable to make a meaningful attack because Umbrella, who escaped Adam's watch, thinks their mother has returned and is drawn to the Skullgirl. Valentine notices the connection between the Skullgirl and Umbrella, and takes her to the cathedral for further study. Parasoul tries to pursue, but Double intervenes, revealing that as Parasoul secretly suspected, Umbrella is already attuned to the Skull Heart because Queen Nancy was pregnant with her when she was transformed into the previous Skullgirl, meaning that she has the potential to become the most powerful Skullgirl yet.

    After arriving at the cathedral, Parasoul defeats both Double and Valentine, and finds the Skullgirl, Bloody Marie in the catacombs deep below. Marie reveals that the bond between Umbrella and the Skull Heart is draining Umbrella's life force, and that the only way she'll survive is as the next Skullgirl, unless someone takes her place. Parasoul defeats Marie, and is presented with the Skull Heart, but Umbrella, still under the effects of the bond and thinking it's her mother reaches for it. Parasoul, realising that if she shoots the Skull Heart, the resulting explosion will kill her sister, wishes that her sister will never become the Skullgirl. Her wish is granted, but she will take Umbrella's place in time.

    Parasoul then begins to train Umbrella so that she will be capable of defeating Parasoul when she eventually transforms. The final shot is of the two of them in the middle of fencing training.


    • Parasoul's likes include: Logic, Wine, Chess, Fencing, Training, Tennis, Diplomacy, Philosophy, Black Egret troops, Secretly watching 'Annie: Girl of the Stars,' Her sister Umbrella
    • Parasoul's dislikes include: Overly emotional people, Relying on others, Those who speak ill of her family, Injustice, The Medici Mafia, The Skullgirl, Her sister’s antics
    • Parasoul bears a resemblance to Mitsuru Kirijo, another calm and collected redhead with fencing talents. Mitsuru's school uniform inspired one of Parasoul's alternate color pallet.
    • The names of Parasoul's and Umbrella's living weapons are 'Krieg' and 'Hungern', which respectively mean 'war' and 'famine' in German. This suggestions that the weapons may be named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    • In May 2014, Parasoul's 4th and 11th color pallets were changed to remove the red coloration of her cross necklace. This was to avoid a potential dispute with the Red Cross over their emblem, which is a red cross against a white background.

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