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    Mitsuru Kirijo

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    Mitsuru is the president of the Gekkoukan High School Student Council. She is also the daughter of the head of the Kirijo Group, as well as the corporation's heir. She is the student leader of SEES at the beginning of Persona 3.

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    Mitsuru Kirijo is the only daughter of Takeharu Kirijo, the president of the Kirijo Group. She is the president of the student council in Gekkoukan High. Mitsuru is also one of the founding members of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) and acts as the leader. In battle, her weapons consist of one-handed swords such as the rapier and sabre. Her initial persona is Penthesilea and her ultimate persona is Artemisia, in which she specializes in ice attacks and healing magic. Mitsuru is of the Empress Arcana Social Link.



    Mitsuru has been the unofficial leader of SEES and has fought the shadows since its beginnings. At the start of the game, she only acts as a support member, able to analyze enemy information from afar, as well as monitoring the party's progress in Tartarus and in battle. She later joins the party in battle, with Fuuka Yamagishi replacing her as the permanent support for the rest of the game.

    Perfect Student

    Mitsuru as the President of Student Council.
    Mitsuru as the President of Student Council.

    Mitsuru is the president of student council in Gekkoukan High School, as well as the school's senior valedictorian. Besides her high intelligence and status, her family's group, the Kirijo Group, owns the school, as well as the island that it is established in. In the beginning, Mitsuru keeps secrets to herself about Tartarus and the Dark Hour. But later on, she reveals to the new SEES members that somehow she has been connected to the origins of the Dark Hour and Tartarus, as well as the mysterious Shadows, the main enemies of the game. Her grandfather was involved, as well as the sponsor for the project of studying Shadows and to figure out how to use their power. But somehow, the experiments got out of control, and the Shadows and Dark Hour were born from it. Mitsuru's grandfather and the rest of the scientists involved in the project ( Yukari's father with them) were believed to have died. This project was actually being conducted from within Gekkoukan High School. After the accident, Gekkoukan High constantly turns into Tartarus during the Dark Hour. Mitsuru believed that it was her sole responsibility to redeem her family name and that guilt drives her to keep fighting and, maybe someday, make the Shadows disappear forever. SEES was also sponsored by Shuji Ikutsuki, the chairman of the board. He believed defeating the twelve main shadows that show up during full moon phases, will make Tartarus, Dark Hour and of course the shadows disappear.

    Murdered Father

    Mitsuru and the other SEES members are successful in defeating all twelve shadows, only that later on, they find out that Shuji Ikutsuki has been manipulating SEES to defeat all twelve shadows so that the materializing of Nyx, the harbinger of worlds, would finally come to destroy the world. Shuji engages in a shoot-out with Mitsuru's father atop Tartarus, where Shuji falls to his death due to the shot, Mitsuru's dad dies before her eyes. Mitsuru becomes discouraged because of the fact that she had been used and betrayed, and her father pays the price. Mitsuru loses all of her will to fight. But with some personal time with Yukari, she realizes she must keep on fighting for the sake of her father and family name. This leads to her Persona evolving to its final form, Artemisia.

    Final Battle

    Mitsuru during the final battle.
    Mitsuru during the final battle.

    Mitsuru takes part in the final battle against Nyx, and the SEES members are successful in defeating her and saving the world in the process. Mitsuru and the others forget their memories of the recent events, but regain them during their graduation because of their promise to meet at the school rooftops during that day. The others reach the rooftop only to find the main character dead in Aigis's lap. It can be inferred that she most likely takes over the Kirijo Group shortly after.

    The Answer

    In the P3 FES expansion, "The Answer", Mitsuru and the others celebrate one last night with the other SEES members (excluding Yukari and Akihiko), as their dorm was to be closed down at the end of the year. Suddenly, the dates on their cellphones and the television stops from advancing and keeps repeating the same date over and over again. The Abyss of Time mysteriously shows up at the bottom of their dorm, and Metis attacks the SEES members. She reveals that the Abyss of Time existed because of the SEES members, and the only way of getting rid of it is to kill the ones involved. But Aigis makes her cooperate and Mitsuru and the others fight the shadows once more and investigate the mysterious Abyss of Time and why they are related to its existence.

    Mitsuru's Past

    Mitsuru before the events of Persona 3.
    Mitsuru before the events of Persona 3.

    Only this time, they want to find out how and why the main character died after the final battle with Nyx. They decide to open the door to the past and figure out the reasons of his death, and possibly prevent him from dying. Finding many doors, the SEES members check out every single one. There is a door that leads to Mitsuru's past; it is revealed that Mitsuru was one of the first to be experimented on concerning the shadow experiment ten years prior to the events of Persona 3. The past event also triggers the time when Mitsuru awakens her persona for the first time. There is also a scene about Akihiko's past that shows Mitsuru asking him to join SEES.

    Truth Behind His Death

    The main character used the Great Seal against Nyx so that mankind will be prevented from calling out to Nyx. Erebus, the manifestation of humanity's inner desires for salvation is the real reason why the main character became a great seal to prevent it from touching Nyx and bring about an end to the world. The SEES members then understand what he fought for and defeat Erebus. After the matter is resolved and everything is successfully reverted to normal, all them then decide to promise to live their lives to the fullest and without any regrets, for the main character's sake.

    Social Link

    Prepare to be executed...
    Prepare to be executed...

    Mitsuru is one of the many girls the main character can date. But in order to do so, the player must maximize his academic level and get the top score in at least one exam. If these requirements are met, the player is able to ask Mitsuru out and establish the Empress Arcana S. Link with her. The main character finds out that Mitsuru is to be engaged in an arranged marriage and admits the pressure she feels being involved in the Kirijo Group and SEES. As the Social Link progresses, she starts to fall in love with the main character and decides to cancel her arranged marriage because she realizes she is free to make her own choices and that she does not have to do everything for the sake of the Kirijo Group, but also choose what is best for herself.

    Once the Empress Arcana Social Link is maxed out, the persona Alilat can be fused in the Velvet Room.

    Persona 4

    Mitsuru is indirectly mentioned in Persona 4 when the group takes a trip to Tatsumi Port Island, mainly Gekkoukan High for a cultural exchange school trip. The group meets the Student Council President Chihiro Fushimi, who delivers a speech to them. Afterwords she asks the protagonist about her speech, and then explains that she had help from the former Student Council president from two years prior. Those who played Persona 3 will immediately recognize this as a direct reference to Mitsuru.

    After loading the southern portion of the shopping district in Inaba, a red haired girl can been seen briefly riding a motorcycle. Whether or not this is Mitsuru is purely speculation.

    Persona 4 Arena

    Mitsuru is a playable character in the fighting game Persona 4 Arena. In the three years since the end of Persona 3, she has since become a university student, but has also hand-delivered old research documents and materials to the police in exchange for the opportunity to form a special secret operations unit with the singular purpose of hunting down Shadows. She comes to Inaba in search of Labrys, an Anti-Shadow android that had been stolen during transit.

    Move List

    20 year-old Mitsuru as seen in Persona 4 Arena
    20 year-old Mitsuru as seen in Persona 4 Arena

    Furious Action

    • Getsu-ei (B + D) [AIR]: She jumps into the air and performs a crescent slice.


    • Coup Droit (Hold 4, then 6A or B) [SB]: She makes a straight-edge thrust forward.
    • Bufula (Hold 2, then 8C or D) [SB / P]: A wall of ice advances slowly on the ground. The D version makes it follow Mitsuru a little as she walks.

    SP Skills

    • Myriad Arrows (236236A or B): Mitsuru performs a rapier combo filled with thrusts, and blows the enemy away.
    • Bufudyne (236236C or D) [P]: Mitsuru summons a pillar of ice in front of her, piercing her opponent.

    Awakened SP Skill

    • Mabufudyne (214214C or D then C or D) [P]: Artemisia appears with a large amount of ice summoned, and with C, she fires two large chunks of ice, while D allows you to mash small chunks of ice.

    Instant Kill

    • Niflheim (222C + D) [P]: Artemisia whips the opponent into a giant block of ice followed by Mitsuru who pierces that block.

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