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Chihiro Fushimi is a bespectacled student at Gekkoukan High School that appears in Shin Megami Tensei:  Persona 3, FES, and Portable.  She is a first-year student, and the treasurer of the student council.  A shy girl by nature, Chihiro is nervous most of the time, and is especially uncomfortable around boys. Her hobbies include reading shoujo manga.
Chihiro is of the several girls in the game the player can date. Her Social Link is of the Justice Arcana.  In Persona 3 Portable, she is replaced by Ken Amada as the Justice Social Link in the female protagonist's side of the game, but still appears in a minor role.


The main character meets Chihiro when Mitsuru invites him to Student Council. She has never been comfortable around guys and is afraid to do things on her own, hence her shy nature. As the player spends more time with her, she slowly starts to open up and becomes more confident with a little encouragement from the main character. It is evident that she tends to have short angry outbursts when she is pushed to her limits. It is also implied that the main character is the first person she forms a close friendship with. As the Social Link advances, the main character witnesses she has been accused of stealing the missing money from Student Council. Since she is the treasurer, she has been labeled the main suspect. Chihiro also reveals that her family is poor.

Max Social Link

As she gains more confidence, thanks to the main character, she gets the courage to stand up and confront the teacher about the matter. It also turns out to be an accident and Mitsuru scolds the teacher for slacking off and not attending to his duties like he is supposed to. After the matter is resolved, she thanks the main character for giving her the courage and confidence she needs and thought she never had. Chihiro also likes to read books, especially shoji (girls) manga. Chihiro is one of the girls the main character can have a romantic relationship with.


The Justice Arcana
The Justice Arcana


Chihiro's Arcana is The Justice. Once the Justice Arcana Social Link has successfully reached its maximum level, the persona Melchizedek can finally be fused in the Velvet Room. Melchizedek is the figure known as the righteous king of Hebrew in the Old Testament origin.

Persona 4

Chihiro welcomes the group to Gekkoukan High School.
Chihiro welcomes the group to Gekkoukan High School.
In Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, an older-looking Chihiro greets the protagonist and his schoolmates during their field trip to Gekkoukan High School. It puts Persona 3 and 4 in the same universe and about a year apart (Persona 3 ended at April 1st, 2010; Persona 4 starts at April 11, 2011) . Chihiro appears far more confident than she was in her first year at Gekkoukan High, and she becomes the Student Council president in her third year.  Her role in Persona 4 is only a minor cameo appearance in which she welcomes the protagonist and his classmates as part of their "cultural exchange" trip to Gekkoukan, as well as the rest of Tatsumi Port Island.  She also delivers a speech to the group, which she readily admits was written by her friend who served as student council president two years before. Persona 3 players will recognize this as a direct reference to Mitsuru Kirijo.

Chihiro Fushimi is voiced by Wendee Lee in Persona 4.

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