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Ken Amada is an elementary school student and the youngest human member of SEES. He uses a spear in battle to offset his small stature and lack of reach. His Descendent Persona is Nemesis; his Ascendent, Kala-Nemi. They are both of the Justice arcana. He has no living relatives.

In Greek mythology, Nemesis personifies divine retribution, a parallel to Ken's thirst for vengeance. In some versions, it is she who produced the egg from which would birth the Dioscuri, Castor & Polydeuces. These are the Descendent Personae of Shinjiro Aragaki & Akihiko Sanada, respectively, further signifying their relationship.

Death in the Family

On October 4th, 2007, Ken Amada witnessed the death of his mother in the back alley of Port Island Station. The death was labelled an unexplained accident by local police; yet, in reality, Amada's mother was killed during an overzealous SEES operation.

In the pursuit of a rogue shadow, Castor, Shinjiro Aragaki's Persona, had lost control and killed Ken's mother. Ken would vow revenge on whomever was responsible, although the identity of the killer was left uncertain.



On July 25th, 2009, Ken is introduced to SEES by Shuji Ikutsuki as an orphan in elementary school with the Potential. He is ordered to live in the SEES dormitory during summer break so as not to be left alone. The club members find Ken cute, but Akihiko Sanada holds unspoken reservations to his presence. Ken immediately proves to be a more mature voice in the household; however, he is a shut-in and, other than his admiration for Akihiko's prowess in the ring, shows no real interest in the group or its members.

On August 24th, Ken overhears a conversation between Akihiko and Shinjiro at Iwatodai Station. Akihiko attempts yet again to convince Shinjiro to rejoin SEES by the prospect of the group's strength, its new members, and the addition of Koromaru. Failing to do so, Akihiko argues over Shinjiro's obsession with the death he caused years ago. Ken recognizes what occurence they speak of, and finally obtains the name of his mother's murderer. Four days later, Ken volunteers to join SEES. Upset, Akihiko, with Minato Arisato in tow, confronts Shinjiro and tells him the news. Realizing he had volunteered, Shinjiro officially rejoins SEES.

Over a month later, a full moon coincides with the anniversary of Ken's orphanhood. As the rest of the group pursues the shadows at Iwatodai Station, Ken requests that Shinji meet him in Port Island Station's back alley in secret. Shinjiro, realizing full well Ken's intentions, agrees.

With his spear to Shinjiro's face, Ken reveals his vow for revenge and his plan to kill him. Shinjiro agrees to his death, to Ken's shock, but exclaims how killing him will have Ken endlessly twinge in regret, much like he himself. Unconvinced, Takaya enters and shares two revelations: firstly, that Ken is planning a murder-suicide, and secondly, that Shinjiro is knowingly dying from the poisonous effects of the Persona suppressants he had been self-administering. This, in turn, upsets Ken even more, exclaiming that if Shinji was supposed to die anyway then he could not have his revenge, that it was "not fair." Takaya then fires a bullet at Shinjiro, demanding he tell him which SEES member has the detection ability. Ken interjects, lies, and says he himself does, prompting Takaya to shoot him as well. Shinjiro takes the bullet instead, and Takaya flees as the other club members arrive.

Ken weeps over his dying senpai. Shinjiro tells him to make his life his own and tells Akihiko to take care of him, before finally passing on, "this is how it should be."

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