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    The building where the members of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad reside. In other words, this is their base of operations.

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    The SEES Dormitory, or the Iwatodai Dorm, is where members of SEES members live when they are not attending Gekkoukan High School. The dorm also serves as their base operations in the hunt for Shadows. Here, the player can talk to the other main characters of Persona 3. They can also sleep or study in the main character's room, or save the game.

    1st Floor, Lounge

    SEES members socializing at the lounge.
    SEES members socializing at the lounge.
    The Lounge is where most of the SEES members spend their time every night. The counter on the left is where they all check in after going out or coming home from school. This is where the player can sign in and save the game. To the right is the living room area, where the player can interact with the other members, or check the television for daily news. Dining room is in the middle of the 1st floor, where the members eat. There are also restrooms for men and women on this floor. The staircase at the end of the hall leads to the 2nd floor.

    2nd Floor, Hallway

    This is where the boys' dorm rooms are located. The left side of the hallway contain Shinjiro Aragaki's and Akihiko Sanada's rooms. The right side consist of Ken Amada's, Junpei Iori's, and the main character's room at the end, where the player can sleep, study or check the television every Sunday for "Tanaka 's Amazing Commodities." You can also take a rest at the sitting room in the middle of the hall, and quench your thirst by accessing the vending machine next to the area. Players can purchase Cielo Mist, SoBay, and MadBull, which cost 120 Yen each.

    3rd Floor, Hallway

    The girls' dorm rooms are located at this hall. On the left side of the corridor, Mitsuru Kirijo's room is the lone member, while the right side consist of Fuuka Yamagishi's, Aigis's, and Yukari Takeba's rooms. A cafe is available on this floor, as well as another vending machine.

    4th Floor, Hallway

    Restrooms are on the left side of this floor. It also contains the Meeting Room, where the SEES members assemble and conduct discussions during Dark Hour operations. A plethora of books and encyclopedias about astrology, geology, psychology, and psychoanalysis fill the bookshelves on the left side of the room. Classified files that are labeled "Shadow Appearance Dates" can be located on the right bookshelf; touching or removing any of the files is prohibited. The main computer monitors Shadow activity throughout Tatsumi Port Island during the Dark Hour. But on some occasions, it randomly monitors and records daily activities of the SEES members.

    5th Floor, Hallway/Rooftop

    Image captured April 9, 2009.
    Image captured April 9, 2009.
    There is nothing much to do here, except it serves as a storage area for of chairs, tables, and lampshades. It is safe to assume that they are used on special occassions inside the dormitory. A door leads to the rooftop outside, though it has never been actually opened; probably for emergency purposes only. However, one known recording shows an example of an emergency situation, when the dormitory was attacked by Shadows during the Dark Hour. It is in this event that the main character first awakens his persona, and begins his occupation as a member of SEES.

    To see the recording, click here.

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