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    Cherry Tree High Comedy Club

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 20, 2010

    Miley Verisse is creating a comedy club at her school but in order for it to be official she needs to find 3 members before the end of April!

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    Created by indie developer atelier773 and got picked up by Capcom. You play as Miley Verisse, a student at Cherry Tree High and with your roommate Harriet, attempt to recreate the Cherry Tree High Comedy Club(CTHCC). Miley needs to find 3 other students to join the CTHCC before the beginning of May.


    Miley Verisse - The main character and president of the CTHCC. Miley is a third year student at Cherry Tree High. She's a bright and cheerful girl that has spent many years studying the great art of comedy. She has a part time job making jewelry and cleaning the shrine. She has a tendency to pick up bottles and dog feces off the ground. Described as being friends with everyone, her favorite food is chili dogs. She is a huge fan of Stan the Comedy Man as well as the Grinmeisters.

    Harriet Sinclair - Miley's roommate and best friend. She works as a waitress at the Loco Moco. She is a calm voice of reason in contrast to Miley's antics. They are often mistaken as more than just roommates. Despite all the troubles that Miley brings, Harriet sticks with her ever since she helped bring her laugh back after her pet died. She loves romantic movies and Italian dishes. She's also your ONLY SAVE POINT.

    Elise Faircloth - The stoic priestess that works at the Prosperity Shrine. She is known to read the dictionary late at night and appears seemingly from nowhere. As a result of climbing the steps to the Shrine everyday, her thighs have become like Chun-Li's. She employs Miley to help her sweep up the floors.

    Dina - The dormlady of Miley, Harriet, Sara and others. She is known to be a master of cooking with leftovers. You can trade 10 empty bottles over to her in order to get a refund. She used to be part of a gang back in her youth. She enjoys gambling at the racetrack and drinking. She has never served italian food at the dorm. She doesn't like it when people talk about her back problems.

    Roland - Sara's dog that lives in the dorm. He is also the only voiced character in this game. Given to Sara as a gift to help her overcome the grief of losing her grandfather of the same name.

    Octavia Richmond - The student council president, tsundere and Miley's rival. She is constantly wishing for Miley's downfall but deep inside still worries about her. She used to be Miley's childhood friend before they started playing pranks on each other such as putting frogs in each other shoes or flipping skirts leading to Octavia breaking off their friendship by the end of middle school. Now Miley refers to Octavia with nicknames like Octopus. She hails from a rich family and rarely does any hard work. She hates the taste of candy and prefers her full course meals.

    Clarence Campbell - Also known as Stan the Comedy Man. He is Curtis's father and has relational issues with his son finding himself unable to talk with him. He often left Curtis under the whims of caretakers until he was old enough, leaving a gap in their relationship. His material is hinted to be outdated and he may sell out in 10 years. He asks Miley to take care of his son and to look after him.

    Rebecca - An old friend of Dina's and works towards reforming the town and improving it. She tries to get May to sell off her grandfather's candy store in place of the chain store Sweet Sweets.

    Mikey - One of Cindy's band-mates and finds Miley's presence to be helpful to Cindy's happiness.

    Marion Bergman - Vivian's older sister who helps her father run the museum. She is described as beautiful and dutiful, always keeping her cool in the face of threat. Later she offers Miley a job to move around the art supplies.


    Throughout the game there are 6 people who Miley can build up relationships and convince to join the CTHCC. Miley can build up relationships by hanging out with them and talking about things they like from her Repertoire. At rank 2 she'll obtain their phone number. At rank 5 they join the CTHCC.

    Sara Croft - The first of Miley's targets. She transfers into Miley's dorm in the month of March and is extremely attached to her dog. She finds herself enjoying manga and anime. She decides to join the CTHCC after realizing that Miley's brightness can allow her to have the fun school life she always wanted. She is a kind girl but finds herself unable to speak up to boys or girls. She had to cope with the death of her grandfather and finds her relief in her dog, Roland.

    May Bonbon - She is a freshman at Cherry Tree High and one of Miley's old friends. She really admires and respects Miley, looking up to her. She often asks her grandfather or Miley for help when she needs to make a decision. She works part time at her Grandfather's candy store, Mom & Pop Rock Candy. Rebecca comes offering a deal to close down the store in exchange for the chain Sweet Sweets. She comes to realize that she loves working at the candy store and all the people's memories of shopping there. After that realization she hands in her application to Miley.

    Curtis Campbell - The son of Stan the Comedy Man. Curtis is a pretty boy who has won the hearts of half the girls at school. He acts cold towards his father and letting that affect his view of Comedy and his Father's comedy. After Miley's persistent attempts, he gives comedy a try. Miley points out that he may have more talent for writing. He goes to a comedy club to watch his father preform and enjoys himself. After being able to come to terms with his family he goes to Miley and turns in his application.

    Cindy Smith - One of Miley's old childhood friends. She is into whatever is punk and skips school nearly everyday. She plays music with her band and works part time to support herself. Despite what she says, she is happier when she's with Miley. Miley and Cindy used to practice music together in the past for a school play and that was when Cindy realized how fun music was with other people. She hands in her club application to Miley to help her with her dream.

    Tyler Perez - Tyler has potential for management and seeks out everything about celebrity talent. He knows everything about all the female students at school. He is caught spying on Harriet by Miley trying to catch her stalker. Miley introduces all the potential talent to Tyler after which he is more than willing to join her club.

    Vivian Bergman - She's a 1st year foreign exchange student from Sweden. She's a bright, cheery girl, always excited by new things. Her father is a huge America fan which passed down to her. She meets Miley after asking her and Harriet to manage the lines. The two quickly become friends. Vivian proves to be talented in many sports where Octavia then tries to get her to join the Hockey Team. Miley shows Vivian around town. One day Vivian collapses from all the stress. To which point that she confesses to Miley about being the only sincere person to her. She hands Miley three papers. A love letter that was given to Vivian, an offer to enter a modeling competition and her club application.

    TargetHuge FanLikesDislikesNeutral
    Sara CroftPetsVideo Games, Whodunits, RomanceSports, TravelMusic, Art, History, Politics, Fashion, Cooking
    Tyler PerezRomanceMusic, Video GamesWhodunits, ArtHistory, Politics, Fashion, Sports, Travel, cooking, Pets
    Curtis CampbellPolitics, CookingWhodunits,Video Games, Music, FashionHistory, Art, Romance, Sports, Travel, Pets
    Vivian BergmanHistoryArt, SportsWhodunits, PoliticsMusic, Romance, Cooking, Pets, Travel, Video Games, Fashion
    May BonbonSportsTravel, Pets, HistoryRomance, MusicVideo Games, Whodunits, Art, Politics, Fashion, Cooking
    Cindy SmithMusic, FashionVideo GamesHistory, Romance, CookingWhodunits, Art, Politics, Sports, Travel, Pets


    The game starts on March 22nd and ends on May 30th. The days are separated into 3 parts; Morning, Afternoon and Evening. They can also be separated into Lunchtime, After School and Evening. During the Mornings, Miley can explore the town and raise relationships or repertoire. She can spend time doing homework or work part time. The same thing generally applies in the afternoon. At the evening Miley can save and do various things to raise her repertoire. At lunchtime Miley can do homework, read a mag or talk to friends(will not trigger the level up event). Whenever she travels you are free to use the action buttons over shiny spots to pick up empty bottles which can be turned into money, dog poo or a used up magazine(one time repertoire increase). Miley has 12 stats which can be raise up to a level of 5 which increases the point gain for talking to someone about that certain topic. The twelve stats are Video Games, Music, Fashion, Whodunits, Art, Sports, Cooking, Politics, Romance, Travel, Pet, History. Miley has homework which needs to be finished. She also has a fatigue bar that raises from doing part time jobs or homework. Upon completion of the game, you can move on to new game plus which carries over Miley's repertoire levels. There are three endings depending on the number of targets recruited; bad ending(0-2), normal ending(3-5) and good ending(6). As Miley's fatigue meter increases she gets less pay. If her fatigue is over 4 points, she will pass out once she enters her room, ending the evening. Miley can enter hyperactive states on days and get an increase in repertoire boosts and a higher payroll.


    Repertoire - Allows you to view the current level of all her conversation topics.

    Items - View your inventory

    Targets - View the level of your target's relationship.

    Options - Mess with message speeds and sounds.


    Prosperity Shrine - You can talk to Elise here to work part time. You make about $10 at most. Curtis can be found here in the afternoons. Vivian can be found in the mornings.

    The Campbell Residence - A big Japanese-style house. It is the home of Curtis and Stan. This is where Miley first meets Stan the Comedy Man.

    Cherry Hill Park - The plaza fountain park. Vivian can be found here in the mornings, Sara is here at the afternoons with Roland.

    Cherry Tree High School - A place where you can find information on the bookshelf. Miley can also do homework on the table or read a mag(Little boost to Fashion or Politics) from the shelf.

    Magazine TitleRelease DatePriceStat BoostedDescription
    Mystery Movie Monthly3/314.80WhodunitsA whodunit mag with author interviews.
    Rock You!Start3.80MusicAn international music magazine.
    "Dieu et L'Artiste"Start6.00ArtA long-running art critique magazine.
    Bygone Times3/313.60HistoryA mag that covers American culture and history.
    Politics TodayStart5.50PoliticsA mag of world political news.
    3 Little WordsStart5.00RomanceA mag with romantic advice & date spots.
    En VogueStart6.00FashionA fashion mag for teens.
    Great Wild OutdoorsStart3.80TravelAn outdoor guide for hikers & campers.
    It's a Pet's LifeStart4.50PetA pets mag with lots of cute animal pictures.
    Game On!4/74.00Video GamesThe popular gaming mag.
    Sports Illuminated4/74.60SportsA mag for avid sports fans.
    Truly Scrumptious4/73.30CookingA mag that carries a wide variety of recipes.
    Cuppa TeaLowers Fatigue1.20A lovely, refreshing cuppa tea!
    Mocha Choca ColaRaises chance for hyperactivity1.20A potent energy-boosting soda drink.
    Zap Energy DrinkLowers Fatigue; ???2.00A healthy drink full of vitamins and minerals.
    Jelly DonutLowers Fatigue1.00A good old jelly donut!
    Hot PocketLowers Fatigue1.80Hot and tasty. Never mind what's inside.
    Spicey Corn DogIt's a mystery1.80The corn dog with a bite.
    Double Fine Pizza SliceLowers Fatigue; ???2.50A pizza with double the toppings.
    Hero Rangers FigureLowers Fatigue When Sleeping12.00It's Miley's favorite Hero Ranger.

    Orchard Shopping Precinct - The shopping district in the game. Here you can go to the Loco Moco and order food(Raises cooking), Go to the Capital Books and order various magazines. You can go to Luv Mart and buy items that lower your fatigue. Harriet can be talked to here as well as Sara in the Mornings. May is here at the afternoon.

    Cherry Tree Station - The new entertainment place for the young folk. You can watch a movie at Cinema Paper Moon(Boost to a stat depending on the movie) for $15 or $10 on Mondays. For $5 raise your video game skill at the arcade. Spend $1 to go to the crane game and have a chance at winning Fatigue reducing dolls. Buy a beverage at the vending machine. Tyler can be found here in the mornings. Cindy is here at the afternoon.

    Cherry Tree Port Garden - The garden and art museum that opens up at 3/30. You can go inside the Art Museum and look at oil paintings(Raises Art) for $10, go to the Fashion Parade(Fashion) for $12. You can also listen to a guest speaker(Varies). Tyler is here in the afternoon, Cindy in the Mornings. After reaching rank 2 with Vivian you can work part time at the Museum making $20.

    In Front of Unity Dormitory - You can buy things from the vending machine or check the Notice Board for guest speakers. You can also go to the Dormitory which moves onto the next time slot. May can be found here in the mornings.

    Miley and Harriet's Room - Only accessible in the evening. You can talk to Harriet and save. Do homework on the desk or make phone calls with your targets. Miley can also make jewelry on the table for $5 or watch tv(random stat). She can rest early on her bed(Fatigue down) or read a mag(depends on the magazine).

    System Requirements

    PC System Requirement

    • Windows XP/7
    • Pentium 3 or better
    • 128MB or better
    • 95MB HDD free space

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