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    Once just an ordinary schoolgirl, Filia woke up one day without any memories and an unruly mop of demonic hair in the form of the Parasite Samson.

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    One of the first characters revealed for Skullgirls (the other being Cerebella), Filia is perhaps the easiest to get to grips with for newcomers. Filia is a "rushdown" character. As such, she has only three special moves and makes up with it with lots of maneuverability and easily-comboed normal attacks.

    Filia's defining characteristic (besides her hair) is her large thighs, which are made even more prominent by her "zettai ryouiki" style thigh high socks that are slightly too tight.

    Filia is voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos and Samson is voiced by Patrick Seitz.


    Filia's main motivation for seeking out the Skullgirl is to wish for her memories back. Following Samson's advice of causing trouble in order to ferret out some leads on the Skullgirl, the duo come across Painwheel (aka Carol), who appears to recognize Filia. This meeting stirs up some images in Filia's memory and she decides to follow Painwheel despite Samson's protests.

    Painwheel leads them to the Cathedral where Valentine is planning to dispose of Painwheel, calling her a "failed experiment". Following a battle with both Valentine and Double, Filia comes face to face with the Skullgirl herself, Bloody Marie. After a short conversation with the Skullgirls (wherein it is implied that Filia is one of the Medici family, New Meridian's Mafia), the two fight and Filia is victorious.

    Upon obtaining the Skull Heart, Filia comes to terms with the fact that she is an amnesiac and decides instead to wish for Painwheel to have a normal life. The Skull Heart determines that she is doing so in order to alleviate some of her guilt and deems that she will transform into the next Skullgirl, albeit slowly.

    The story ends with Painwheel, now a normal school girl again, showing up as a new student in Filia's class and the two becoming friends, although a brief moment of pain is shown in Filia as the Skull Heart reacts to Painwheel's presence.


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