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    Morpheus is a point-and-click adventure game about a stranded explorer who stumbles across the abandoned ship Herculania, which is haunted by its long-gone passengers.

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    In Morpheus, the player takes the role of  Matthew Holmes, an arctic explorer searching for his father, the esteemed fish oil magnate and member of the Explorer's Club, Commander Theodore Holmes, who disappeared in the Arctic some time ago searching for the lost ship Herculania. Holmes gets separated from his group and stumbles upon Herculania itself. 
    It  doesn't take long before Holmes starts to see ghostly apparitions all over the ship. 

    Now, Holmes has to figure out how the great ship Herculania ended up in the Arctic Sea, what happened to the passengers - and what happened to his own dad. 


    Morpheus is a point-and-click adventure, with a 360° panoramic view, in the vein of games like Myst and Black Dahlia. Throughout the game, the player ventures through the enormous ship and tries to operate its extremely sophisticated equipment. Many, if not all, of the puzzles are based on logic. 
    At one point in the game, the player will be able to venture into the dreamworlds of the lost passengers, where he must complete several trials in order to release them from their dreams. 


    The game contains no music (except for music found on phonographs in-game). Instead, every scene has related ambient sound playing in the background. 
    The player is able to hear Matthew Holmes thoughts. 


    The game world is mostly static (not counting water effects), except when Holmes operate devices. 
    The ghostly apparitions of the passengers are made using pre-recorded FMV movie sequences. 


     Morpheus was the only game ever developed by Soap Bubble Productions, as well as the last major game to be published by Piranha Interactive Publishing, before the company shut down mere months after the release of Morpheus.

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