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    Mr. Lopez

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    Mr. Lopez is a 65 year old resident of Rivet City who is considering committing suicide.

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    Mister Lopez is a suicidal resident of Rivet City. The reason he wants to die is because Raiders killed his wife and child and he was unable to save them and he also feels that no one remembers or cares about him. The Lone Wanderer can either help Mr. Lopez by helping him commit suicide, giving him the courage to kill himself or convince him that he shouldn't kill himself.


    Mr. Lopez can be found on the Flight Deck at the top of the Bridge Tower every day between the hours of 8 AM and 12 AM and 3 PM and 5 PM. There are three options available to the player: 
    1. Help Mr. Lopez by pushing him off the deck. This gives Negative Karma.
    2. Give him the courage to commit suicide by saying he is pathetic and weak. This gives Negative Karma.
    3. Use the Speech Skill to convince him to give up suicide. Tell him that Ted Strayer needs someone to guide him and Mr. Lopez should do it. This gives Positive Karma. This is impossible if you have already killed Ted. Sometimes the player can hear dialogue between the two where Mr. Lopez asks Ted if he can read and Ted says no. Mr. Lopez then goes on to say that he will teach him to read.


    Mr. Lopez is voiced by Paul Eiding.
    He is a Good Karma character.
    His SPECIAL stats are: Strength-6, Perception-5, Endurance-4, Charisma-4, Intelligence-4, Agility-6, Luck-4.
    His Base ID is 0001e759
    His Reference ID is 0001e75a

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