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    Mr. Robot

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jan 10, 2007

    Mr. Robot is a combination isometric platformer/puzzle game and turn-based RPG released on the PC.

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    Mr. Robot puts players in the role of Asimov Robot, a utility robot aboard the ship Eidolon travelling through deep space. Gameplay is separated into two distinct parts, the first being an isometric platformer/puzzle game which has the player moving through rooms aboard the ship. Asimov has limited jumping ability, requiring players to move crates placed around each room to bridge gaps between platforms, create stairs to higher levels, or cross pools of coolant. Crates can only be pushed directly, not slid side to side, and Asimov can only push one crate at a time. While many of the game's puzzles are constructed so that it is not possible to render them unsolvable by making the incorrect move, players can reset a room at any time from the in-game menu. Frequently platforming sections also involve traversing conveyor belts or moving platforms, as well as passing gates controlled by timed or toggle switches. Completing rooms successfully often activates previously immobile platforms, allowing players to skip complex sections when backtracking.

    Platforming is complicated by hazards including coolant and various types of rogue robots, each of which follows a specific movement pattern and damages Asimov if touched on the side. Asimov can be hit 3 times before being destroyed, which resets the room so a player can try again. Being destroyed 3 times returns the player to the most recent save point. Healing is accomplished by picking up Energon scattered around the ship, which is also used as in-game currency for purchasing items used in the RPG portion of the game. Save points around the ship record your progress when walked across.

    During certain portions of the game, Asimov enters computer systems in a process referred to as “ghost hacking.” All enemies can be hacked provided the player can find a way to stand on the foes head; successful hacking of an enemy robot destroys it. While hacking enemies is completely optional, some doors must be hacked to progress in the game. In ghost hacking, players move between points on a map, randomly entering turn-based battle against small groups of foes, eventually fighting a larger group which ends the hacking sequence upon defeat. While the player starts with just Asimov, eventually you gain a party of up to 4 ghosts to use in the hacking sequences. Ghosts come in various classes following standard RPG archetypes such as fighter, offensive caster and healer. Multiple ghosts of each type can be found and a customized party of any 4 ghosts can be built . The party gains experience by defeating enemies, levelling up to access additional abilities.

    In battle, ghosts can attack with equipped weapons, activate various abilities fuelled by power points and use expendable items. In addition, each ghost has an “extreme meter” which allows the use of a special ability when full. Players can select what type of action will fill the extreme meter, allowing a healing focused ghost to fill the meter when activating helpful abilities, while an offensive focused ghost can fill their meter by doing damage. Ghosts can equip weapons and armour found throughout the ship or purchased from special terminals to increase offensive and defensive capabilities. While leveling up does not increase stats other than hit points and power points, players can find augmentations to bolster a ghost's strength, dexterity, etc.

    PC System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Windows or ROBO-OS 3000
    • Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz or level 5 Cyber Brain
    • Memory: 256Mb Free System Memory
    • Hard disk space: 120Mb
    • DirectX version: DirectX 9.0c
    • Video: Vertex Shader capable Graphics Accelerator
    • Sound: Any DirectSound compatible hardware
    • Controller: Any DirectInput compatible controller

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