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My Weight Loss Coach is a lifestyle / education title from Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS. The game's goal is to help the player make small changes to diet and exercise in order to improve overall health and lose weight. The game has a unique art style that consists of stick figures drawn in appealing, cute, and emotive ways. Initially, the game gathers personal information about the player (height, weight, etc.). The game then calculates a player's BMI (Body Mass Index) and helps the player decide on a healthy weight loss goal.

The game assists the player in meeting his / her goals in a number of ways. First, the game issues challenges to be completed by the player
This isn't a small pedometer
This isn't a small pedometer
either immediately or within 24 hours. The challenges can be diet related (reduce salt intake, drink 8 glasses of water) or fitness related (go for a walk, do some push-ups).

Second, the game has a feature that allows the player to record and track all their meals. The food library has a collection of common foods and generic food types to select. This allows the player to track their food input against the number of calories needed to achieve their target weight.

Third, the game comes with a plastic pedometer. The pedometer records steps as you walk and can upload to the Nintendo DS and My Weight Loss Coach. The game also allows a player to track any other physical activity (weight lifting, running, misc. workouts while not wearing Pedometer). This allows the player to see the amount of calories burned from walking and exercise versus the amount of calories added from food.

Fourth, the game has several other minigames related to educating the player about fitness and weight loss.

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