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    Napoleon: Total War

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Feb 23, 2010

    Napoleon: Total War follows Napoleon from the early Italian campaign, to the Battle of Waterloo, and beyond.

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    Napoleon: Total War (NTW) focuses on the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Napoleonic wars. Campaigns include Napoleon's Italian campaign, the conquest of Egypt, and the traditional grand campaign seen in previous titles. For the grand campaign the game reverts back to the traditional European map seen in previous titles. durgin the grand campaign the player can either control the nation of France, or one of the four major Coalition nations that opposed France during the Napoleonic wars.

    Set in the early 1800's, the game vastly differs from previous Total War games for a number of reasons. The primary difference is the passage of time. NTW's turn system now progresses the game two weeks as opposed to six months. This change was made in order to better simulate the bloody actions of the war.

    Total war takes a literal sense in NTW. In addition to the removal of religious buildings and units, none militarist industry and vast trade systems seen in Empire, NTW focuses all production on military might. Players build Lumber Jacks to reduce the cost of ships, factories to reduce the cost of cannons and tax offices to keep order. Opera houses and secret societies increase public order by happiness, but all intents and purposes every building is built with Total War in mind.

    Research that was first introduced in Empire has been streamlined in NTW. The player can only build schools on specific towns; the cost of which is the loss of a secret society. There are only 3 branches of research to focus on now (military, industry and administrative) and gentlemen still take the role of speeding up or stealing technology.

    Taxes and trade are much similar to Empire. You can adjust taxes for both the rich and poor. Increasing taxes too much stems growth and encourages social disorder, while cutting taxes can damage your war effort. Upgrading administrative buildings can increase tax revenue. Trade is handled through diplomacy and the construction of ports, which allows you to trade with more nations.

    Combat in napoleon is similar to Empire but features improved options and game play. Enemies are still not competent but pose more of a challenge in battle. Generals, being harder to come by, can have a much more drastic effect on war if they are wounded or killed. Battles are still fought in real time with large armies conscripted from cities. A new addition is drop in battles, where you can choose to allow a player to take command of the opposing army, giving more challenge and interactivity to the game.

    Rewards for conquest have been revamped once again. When the player captures a city, he can either occupy it with minimal unrest penalty, loot the city for money at the risk of riots, or establish a city-state that allies with the player's nation. City-states function in a similar manner to minor nations and will not provide you with tax revenue.


    Napoleon: Total War features 65 Steam achievements, the majority (51) of which can be earned within the single player and co-op campaign. Napoleon: Total War is also Steam activated, much like Empire: Total War, the previous title in the series.


    NTW features two DLC packs. The first is the Units of the Coalition pack, which offers new elite units for each nation. The second it the Peninsular Campaign, which adds a new campaign with a new map (Spain/Portugal) and four playable factions (France, Spain, Portugal and England). When playing as Spain the game stresses guerrilla warfare and subterfuge.


    Napoleon: Total War features multiplayer battles in three configurations, land, sea and siege. The game supports battles between up to eight players. For the first time in the series the option to participate in a co-op campaign is included. It is played in a similar manner to the single player campaigns. Each player is given an allotted period of time per turn to carry out their faction's unit movements, build orders, and other tasks before their time period runs out and control switches to another player. If a land or sea battle occurs with an AI controlled faction during the co-op campaign there is an option for one of the human participants to take control of the AI and the fight the battle against the other player.

    • Steam Achievements

      Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

      UnlockableHow to Unlock
      A Different SlantPlay a MP naval battle with every faction
      Absolute PowerWin a MP Land Battle without losing any units
      Broad Military OutlookPlay a MP land battle with every faction
      Bronze Tower of PisaWin Italian Campaign in easy
      Celebrated Field-CommanderWin 10 land battles
      DaredevilWin a match against someone with double your skill rating
      Defensive StrategyWin a battle using only Light Infantry and Artillery
      Desert VeteranWin a MP Egypt Campaign as France
      Diplomat's PinMake all major nations like you (very friendly)
      Distinguished Service MedalWin a match against a player with double your skill rating
      Expecting Calm SeasWin a match having spent half as many funds as your opponent
      Felix Austria face bellum!Win Europe Campaign as Austria
      First-rate BullyWin a match with only first rates
      Gives to the PoorWin campaign having given enemy player 50000 gold
      Golden Obelisk of the PharaosWin Egypt Campaign in hard
      Grand General StarWin Silver in 5 Historic Battles
      Hardened Veteran's BadgeWin 15 SP Campaign land battles
      Hero of Arcole Commemorative MedalWin Italian Campaign in hard
      Historians' College Acknowledgement BadgePlay a historical land battle
      Imperial Fencing Academy Master's NeedleWin 10 sword duels
      Indomitable ForceWin 10 MP Land Battles in a row
      Italian VeteranWin a MP Italian Campaign as France
      Jack Frost's ChosenWin Europe Campaign as Russia
      Just DessertsOther player's faction is last to die
      Making HeadwayWin a MP naval battle
      Marksman BroochWin 10 pistol duels
      Nautic Star EmblemWin ten SP Campaign naval battles
      No Shore LeavePlay 100 multiplayer naval battes
      Palace Guard PenchantPlay the game for 30 hours total
      Platinum Star of GloryWin Gold in all Historic Battles
      Prolong the InevitablePossess 15 regions without taking one by other players
      Prussia's GloryWin Europe Campaign as Prussia
      Quadriga in Prussian SilverWin Europe Campaign in medium within historic time
      Rack and RuinSink 1000 Ships
      RestauratorWin a MP Italian Campaign as Austria
      Revolutionary CocardeStart any campaign, battle or historical battle
      Rule BritanniaWin Europe Campaign as England
      Russian Doll on Green RibbonWin Europe Campaign in easy
      Seasoned CaptainWin 10 decisive victories
      Shield of the ProtectorHave 10 protectorates at one time
      SwashbucklerBoard 5 ships in a single battle
      Take Up OfficePlay a MP Campaign
      The BlitzTake other player's capital within 20 turns
      The Bronze Armchair of ComfortWin any Campaign by autresolving only
      The Bronze DateWin Egypt Campaign in easy
      The Emblem of the Enlightened SocietyWin a prestige victory
      The Explorers' Society BadgeCover 50,000 sea or land miles with your armies and fleets
      The Eye of the Ever Watchful GeneralPlay the game for 50 hours total
      The Hand-and-Dagger on Black ChainAssassinate 15 people
      The Hero's Skull Badge100000 soldiers die in battles with you, friend and foe
      The Imperial Crown on Brocade BandWin Europe Campaign in hard
      The Imperial LaurelsWin European MP Campaign as France
      The Imperial School of Strategy CrestHave three generals with full skill level in one campaign
      The Imperial WreathConquer all of Europe
      The Lion and Sabers MedalWin any campaign without a single autoresolve
      The Lion and the MouseWin a match without any ships of the line
      The Man of the Bosporus is still healthyWin Egypt Campaign as Ottomans
      The Medallion of the Imperial PsychopathDeclare war on all nations the first turn, never make peace, and win the game
      The Merchant's Navy Medal of GratitudeGain 8000 per turn in trade revenue
      The People's CrownHave a 100% approval rating
      The Quick and the DeadlyWin a match without any infantry
      The Ribbon of the Promising StrategistCapture 10 regions
      The Seal of the Grand CoalitionHave 6 allies simultaneously
      The Silver Dromedairy LegionaireWin Egypt Campaign in medium within historic time
      The Silver Olive ChapletWin Italian Campaign in medium within historic time
      The Tireless Watchman BroochPlay the game for 10 hours total
      Unqestionable LoyaltyWin 50mp land battles
      Wind On Your BackWin 6 MP Naval Battles in a row

    System Requirements


      • OS:Microsoft® Windows Vista®/XP®/Windows® 7
      • Processor: 2.3 GHz CPU with SSE2
      • Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista®/Windows® 7)
      • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX® 9.0c shader model 2b compatible GPU
      • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
      • Hard Drive: 21 GB free space


      • OS: Microsoft® Windows Vista®/XP®/Windows® 7
      • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core CPU
      • Memory: 2 GB RAM (XP), 4 GB RAM (Vista®/Windows® 7)
      • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX® 9.0c shader model 3 compatible GPU
      • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
      • Hard Drive: 21 GB free space

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