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    Secondary protagonist and love interest of Pietro in the RPG series, PoPoLoCrois.

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    Narcia is an apprentice forrest witch/fairy who aids Pietro on his journey's throughout the first 2 games in the series. When her and Pietro first meet, they develop a crush on one another. This crush causes her to change personality's often, shifting between shy and very outgoing. At first she wears a pink dress with a two-pointed pink hat (used to conceal her fairy antenna), but as she ages, she wears a more mature purple and pink gown. 

    Narcia's godmother Guilda gave her the prized treasure of the forrest witches to aid her on their travels. This treasure, a golden key, allows Narcia to take the form of a human. Her human form's name is Kai. Becoming a human bares many advantages for a forrest witch, one being immunity to salt water (which for some reason is deadly to forrest witches). However, the transformation is not without it's downfalls. If anyone learns of her secret, she will fall into a deep coma, only to be awoken when presented with the rare Soma flower. 

    Later in the series, Pietro takes Narcia to be his wife. The two of them have a son together named Pinon. 

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