PoPoLoCrois: A New Adventure

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 20, 2002

    Turn based RPG set 15 years after the events of PoPoRoGue.

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    In the fifteen years after the events of PoPoLoCrois 2, Pietro and Narcia profess their love for one another and birth a son, Pinon. As King and Queen of PoPoLoCrois, the two have not only given Pinon life and a title as prince, but also the power of a fairy and dragon. One day however, while exploring his surroundings, Pinon discovers a threat to the Kingdom that forces him to take up his sword and defend it. 

    Rather then practicing his sword play as he was instructed, Pinon decided to visit Urara, an apprentice wizard girl (already taking after his father!). While they're out being mischievious, a  mighty and fierce gust of what they think to be wind blows by them. But upon second examiniation, they realize this was no mere wind... it was spirits. Him and Urara follow the spirits to their resting place, which eventually leads them to the Forbidden Shrine of the Dragon. Pinon and a few of the other local boys decide to travel into the cave to find out whats going on. Urara runs back to alert the king and queen. 

    Within the cave, Pinon and the other boys find a large monster awakened by fire and summons. Pinon then hears the call of a small animal, the thought of which suffering made him draw closer so that hopefully he could save it. The monster then burts forward in a sphere of darkness, and Pinon is forced to draw his father's blade in self defense. He eventually defeats the creature, returns to his father, and thus begins his journey to uncover the dark secrets encroaching on his fathers kingdom. 

    Later that night, the small animal that Pinon so bravely risked his life for, a Papuu, comes back to Pinon and acts as his first true friend in the game. 


    A New Adventure is the first game in the series to implement the advanced cell-shaded sprite based graphics only made possible by the PS2's hardware. 

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