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Son of Enlil and Nininsinna, and Babylonian god of war, fire, death, and the underworld. Accounts tell of how he was born in the underworld while Ninlil chased Enlil, who had previously been exiled for raping her.

When Nergal was summoned to the underworld by Ereshkigal for failing to speak to Namtar, her attendant who was sent to collect her share of the feast laid out for the gods, he threatened to take her life. However she saved herself by allowing him to share her power. Though some accounts say he raped her before forcing her to relinquish a portion of her power.

As the Bull of Heaven he was slain by Enkidu and Gilgamesh. Later Christian demonization portrays him as a demon either identified with Satan or in service to Beelzebub as head of hell's secret police.

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