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    This giant plant is killed by Samus during Metrod Fusion

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    Nettori is the plant that disrupted the power core of the BSL research station. Its fast growing roots entangled and shut it down, causing all of the stations systems to fail until Samus was able to restore emergency power, then locate the core of the plant and destroy it.

    Initally during the fight, Samus needed only avoid the spores generated by the plant while firing missiles into its core. But after she sufficiently damaged it, The plant unveiled a more potent weapon -- the plasma beam. She was then required to dodge these shots while continuing to fire missiles into the disintegrating core of the plant until the Beam Core-X was driven out of it.
    After its death, all of its extensive root system quickly rotted away, clearing out the power core and allowing the stations normal systems to continue operating.

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