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Don't believe the hype!

 One of games destroyed by creators promises of making something special.
 This game was hyped up to the space. Back in the day almost everyone was talking about it and good reviews and previews talking about revolution and new standarts made this game a obligatory possition for every rpg fan. Thruth hurst this time because Neverwinter Night ended up as normal hack and slash rather than true Dungeons & Dragons role play. Especialy when you compare it to previous works of the team like Baldurs Gate.
Game itself is just boring becaue it somehow just ends with button mashing (or rather mouse mashing). The story is not as interestiong as other Bioware games and whole game system is somehow a joke. Im talking about only 18 levels of experience possible to gain. Its not enough for rpg fan that want to develpo owned character.
The graphic and music are nothing noticible they hust are there and dont look ugly, Morrowind that appeared in the same period was looking way better. This one as product is not bad overall its good game but i didnt meet the expectation of most players that were disapointed with final game. Good thing is the multiplayer mode with the being master like in the paper D&D games but right now how many people still play Neverwinter Nights? I personaly dont know a person that was not diapointed with this one but if you have never been touched with the hype of this "revolutionary" rpg you may quite like it.
Expectation for spiritual succesor of other BioWare title killed quite nice game with great editor.

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