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Great Co-Op adventure - solo 0

Hamilton's Great Adventure is a really addictive piece of code.  Puzzle game with Indiana Jones vibe and quite innovative gameplay.  Story is not really important. We have gramps talking with granddaughter about one of his great adventures during youthful years. Whole back story is shown through nice sideshows with some jokes and sound bites. Our hero found important part of some kind machine but it was stolen. He had to go in weirdest places like Himalayas and Amazon Jungle to find this magical...

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Force on Leash 0

 Game has potential but it is too short to get player full feel from powers.  Another installment in ongoing Star Wars series where every character is somehow connected to someone from original saga. Force Unleashed is nice experience as a next gen action game. We are the Apprentice big secret of Lord Darth Vader. Our master has some missions for us and we do them. But there is something more to our character that will be revealed during game with 2 different endings (yes we choose side). Gr...

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Laharl is back with the old squad. 0

 Laharl is back with the old squad. First Disgaea again .If you havent played yet you will get your copy. If you played its on PS2 you will be still in love Disgaea an sRPG that rocked whole world and made Nippon Ichi Software famous was kind of phenomenon. Hilarious game about demon that wants to be Overlord in place of the old one (his father who died because of pretzel). I wont spoil more about the story so you can read without problems. Basics of the game is to level up and fight in turn...

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Mercenaries 2 World in bugs 0

 First part of Mercenaries was one of best titles served us on original xbox. Game with idea GTA goes to war was brilliant. Now couple years later we got the same game with different setting. Venezuela instead of Korea is biggest difference. Root of the game is the same. We work for different fractions to earn money for big boom weapons. This time its revenge on president and his people who betrayed us and shoot in the bottom. Gaming experience is nice but lacks some deepth. We have here f...

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Don't believe the hype! 0

   One of games destroyed by creators promises of making something special.  This game was hyped up to the space. Back in the day almost everyone was talking about it and good reviews and previews talking about revolution and new standarts made this game a obligatory possition for every rpg fan. Thruth hurst this time because Neverwinter Night ended up as normal hack and slash rather than true Dungeons & Dragons role play. Especialy when you compare it to previous works of the team like Bald...

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Our Special place 0

 We all have to pay for our sins. It may be done by guilt or something else darker and abnormal.Everyone owns Silent Hill where redemption or eternal condemnation is at your hand. Are you willing to vistit this place? James Sunderland did after recieving letter from his decased wife. She wanted to meet him in town where they spent greatest time in their life. Health resort looks diferent this time its darker and abandoned but hero needs to confirm his wife status. Something hellish lies deeper b...

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Portable hell 0

 Its just plain Doom in portable version. Even though a lot time has passed its still great and addictive especialy when you can play it while on bus or anywhere outside your home. Graphhics and sounds are similar to original that may be negative for some people but its suits well gba making it best fpp on this portable system (duke is nice too but it lacks something and controling is harder). Doom is good port but its lacks bonuses and specials that would make old time players squeeze all juice...

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