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Nimble Quest can be played with the phone at a vertical or horizontal orientation.
Nimble Quest can be played with the phone at a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Nimble Quest is a mobile game developed by Nimblebit that combines aspects of a 16-bit RPG and the classic Snake game. The player controls the "leader" of a party of heroes on a field to destroy enemies and collect items without running the line of heroes into itself. Nimble Quest features a level up system, upgradeable items and unlockable heroes.


The gameplay in Nimble Quest starts with the player selecting a "leader" character out of a roster of heroes with different attributes and attacks. This is the character that will gain experience based on the round of gameplay that follows. As each character levels up they gain an additional attribute.

The primary gameplay involves defeating a certain number of enemies in order to complete a stage and move on to the next one. The leader character is constantly moving in the direction that the player chooses. As the leader and the following party moves in to the range of an enemy they will fire off their attack automatically. If the leader runs into a wall, an enemy or runs out of health, then the game ends. Additional heroes are added to the "conga line" by picking them up if an enemy drops them, much like eating a "bit" in Snake.

Additional heroes are unlocked through progression through stages or in-app purchasing.

Items & Power-Ups

There are numerous items to be acquired in Nimble Quest that power up the player's party or give currency to the player.

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The most common pick-up, gems are a currency used in the game to upgrade items in the shop and upgrade heroes. Green gems add 1 gem, blue gems add 5 gems and red gems (available through in-app purchase) add 10 gems. Gems also heal the leader character.
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Tokens are the second currency in Nimble Quest. They can be used to buff up the party before a round of gameplay or continue a round after being defeated.
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The chest places a large amount of gems on the screen and the player must collect them all before they disappear. Upgrading the chest makes more gems appear.
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The attack-up upgrade briefly boosts the parties attack rate. Upgrading it increases its duration.
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The magnet causes the leader character to become magnet and suck up the gems from all over the stage. It is particularly useful when a chest is picked up or the player finishes a stage. Upgrading it increases its duration.
Freeze Enemies
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This upgrade briefly freezes all enemies that are currently on the screen when the item is picked up. Upgrading it inceases its duration.
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The deadly bomb (not very giant) instantly destroys all enemies that are within its spread. Upgrading it increases its area of effect.
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The potion heals the entire party for a certain amount of health. Upgrading it increases how much it heals.
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The shield briefly encases the lead character in an energy shield that absorbs enemy attacks. Upgrading it increases its duration.

In-App Purchasing

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Players can purchase a number of in-game items through iOS' in-app purchase sytem:

  • Tokens
  • Gems
  • New characters
  • Red Gems

PC Release

Nimblebit is currently using Steam Greenlight to gauge interest in a potential PC release for Nimble Quest.


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