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During Japan's Feudal period a brutal Shogun, Kigai, kidnaps Princess Koto. He means to sacrifice her to make himself immortal. Two ninjas step up to rescue the princess, Guren and Gunjo. They are equipped with the unique ninja pistols, the only weapons powerful enough to cut a path through the Shogun's demon army.


Ninja Assault is a standard on-rails shooter. Each stage continues on to the next in linear fashion, and the characters progress through each level automatically as enemies are defeated. Damage taken reduces a lifebar that can be refilled with medpack items found in boxes in some levels. Point bonus items are also found in some boxes. Sometimes fleeing or hard to hit enemies will appear that are worth bonus points.

Arcade mode recreates the arcade experience with 12 sequential levels. Added in the PS2 version are three additional paths, which include a mix of Arcade stages and new stages. New stages include some new enemies, but arcade stages are unchanged. The three new paths also add a new ninja: Aoi, and the ability to fire limited use Ninjutsu that defeat all onscreen enemies.

Two additional modes are also added in the PS2 version: Mission and Training. Training mode has five bonus mini-games where the player must destroy unusual targets, like throwing stars or fireworks, to earn a high score. Mission Mode encompases 32 stages all with unique objectives, like collecting quickly disappearing bonus items or hitting only specific enemies. Completing either mode unlocks a special weapon for the normal missions.

Supports G-Con45 as well as G-con 2 lightguns

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