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#1 Posted by beachonthemoon (67 posts) -

Just got a switch as a gift and wondering what are some of the more underrated or hidden gems in the eShop. Thanks!

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#2 Posted by Rejizzle (1124 posts) -
  • Dandara is a cool Metroidvania type game that didn't get enough love.
  • Fast Racing RMX is a fantastic racing game, though it is basically Fast Racing Neo for WiiU. If you already have that game you might not want to double-dip.
  • SWERY's new game The Missing is very good.
  • Finally, Never Stop Sneaking is decent. Doesn't fully realize its potential, but its got a style. Worth buying if it's ever on sale.
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#3 Posted by FinalDasa (3214 posts) -

Golf Story is a wonderful game.

Kamiko is a decent small game when you just need something to occupy your time.

Look through the many Neo Geo ports on the Switch. Nobody should be walking around without the ability to play Neo Turf Masters imo.

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#4 Posted by beachonthemoon (67 posts) -

@finaldasa: I think my wife got me Golf Story for Christmas after many hints. I'll look into Kamiko.

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#5 Posted by beachonthemoon (67 posts) -

@rejizzle: yeah I thought never stop sneaking looked cool, I'll have to check that out for sure.

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#6 Posted by johnyqd (2 posts) -

Super Daryl Deluxe had an art style that I actively disliked but after seeing lots of positive impressions I grabbed it and LOVED the game. From the GB database: "Super Daryl Deluxe is an comedy-centric RPGvania with brawler-style combat."

Money Puzzle Exchanger has gotten some buzz here on GB but I haven't heard of it elsewhere. This falling block puzzle game is a blast with two players.

Yoku's Island Express was one of my favorite small games this year, I found it delightful from beginning to end. It mashes together pinball and metroidvania.

No Thing is as low budget as a game can be, but for less then $2 you can experience one of the oddest kafka-esque experiences in the medium.

If you have a specific genre you have a hankering to play shout it out and I'd gladly toss you some more specific ideas. The recommendations others posted are all great too!

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#7 Posted by wollywoo (281 posts) -

I have only played a couple hours before getting distracted by Smash, but so far, Wandersong is a pure delight. Go watch the Quick Look. I haven't heard much talk about this one, so I'd say it's underrated. Other indie games that are fantastic (but getting more press) include Hollow Knight, Celeste, Into the Breach. Basically, if like indie games, Switch is a treasure trove.

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#8 Posted by Francium34 (329 posts) -

Tumbleseed! Great quirky soundtrack, and I believe the difficulty was adjusted with a patch...

Hidden Folks! Video game version of Where's Waldo

Ambition of the Slimes! Weird turn based strategy game where you play as slimes that possess stronger enemies

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#9 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8906 posts) -

The thing has a ton of RPGs on it if you're looking for something meatier. Disgaea 5, Battle Chasers, Lost Sphear, Ys VIII, Labyrinth of Refrain, and Titan Quest are all at least worth a look.

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#10 Posted by beachonthemoon (67 posts) -

@johnyqd: totally forgot about more, thank you!

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