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    No Man's Sky

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Aug 09, 2016

    A procedurally generated space exploration game from Hello Games, the creators of Joe Danger.

    callmesarge's No Man's Sky (PC) review

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    The interminably mundane with the gloriously original - No Mans Sky Review

    I often feel bad for game reviewers. I mean sure, on the surface, getting paid to play games seems like a sweet deal. That is, until you are faced with some massive, complex game coupled with a looming deadline, an irritable editor and a snarky art department. Then it becomes like trying to pull off amazing feats of sexual prowess whilst be watched by everyone you ever had sex with. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, the point I am laboring is people who review games have to play a lot of games on a reasonably strict schedule. I prefer some bizarre form of gaming monogamy, where I just pick one game and play the shit out of it. According to Steam, I broke 1,000 hours in ArmA 3 last week, although much of that was in the editor. I don't see myself breaking 1,000 hours in No Mans Sky any time soon, but I do want to play a lot more.

    Staring out across a mountainside shrouded in toxic fog.
    Staring out across a mountainside shrouded in toxic fog.

    No Mans Sky really reminds me of when I first got into Minecraft, which was when it was still in Alpha and lacked the main quest. To me, No Mans Sky has that same sense of promise that may yet be fulfilled. What's there is basic, but for me, engaging. I think it comes down to the type of space faring wander you want to play as. If you want to join some rebellion or be a pirate, well, that feature set may be there but the combat does not seem to encourage or reward that style (from what I have seen so far). But if you want to Mine and Craft things, coupled with exploring and a sense of wonder - well I have found that to be present in spades.

    Approaching an undiscovered planet through a belt of mineral rich asteroids.
    Approaching an undiscovered planet through a belt of mineral rich asteroids.

    Another thing I like about the game is that you can play in bite sized chunks. Much like I can do 10 minutes of Rocket League when time allows, I can see myself hopping on, hitting a planet, grabbing some precious minerals and fucking off back into space again. It's not going to have the combat of Star Citizen or the complexity of Elite Dangerous. But I am brought in and along for the ride. I am really interested to see where it goes from here. I just wish I had a PS4 to play it on, as the PC version seems identical, even down to clunky UI. It has rough spots, combined with glorious discoveries and frustrating repetition and and abundance of the mundane. In conclusion, I like it, I will keep playing, I I recommend if the concept of chill mine craft in space appeals to you.

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