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    Noodles are an unleavened dough product which act as the base of many dishes, such as spaghetti and ramen.

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    Noodles are a food made from unleavened dough and boiled. The dough is stretched out repeatedly until it is thin, long, and elastic. Many noodles are then dried for storage as instant noodles, which are then boiled again before serving. This style of noodle preparation is the most predominant by far, acting as the fuel for many a college student or anyone else seeking a cheap meal.

    Dishes Using Noodles

    One popular type of noodle dish places the food into a soup or broth. In dishes where noodles are placed into a broth they may be standard long stands or smaller sized noodles (ex. elbow macaroni or loops). For example, ramen and phở both use fairly standard long noodles, whereas chicken noodle soup is often prepared with any type of noodle, even novelty shaped noodles.

    Another common type of noodle dish pairs the noodles with a paste or sauce. These dishes are typically served on a plate, unlike noodle-based soups, which often use a bowl. With this style of preparation, the noodle is generally cooked before hand and added to the sauce at the end of the cooking process, such as with spaghetti or macaroni and cheese.


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