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Noodles are a food made from unleavened dough and boiled. The dough is stretched out repeatedly until it is long, thin and has high elasticity. Many noodles are dried or refrigerated for storage and instant noodles, which are dried and have boiling water added to them by purchasers before consumption are very popular, notably in the UK where the "Pot Noodle" is referred to as "The fuel of Britain, isn't it".

Noodles With Soup

One popular type of noodles are the kind that are placed into a soup or broth. The noodles may be made of the standard dough or they may be cellophane noodles that are made using potato or canna starch. In dishes where noodles are placed into a broth they may be standard long stands or smaller sized noodles (ex. elbow macaroni or loops). Few types of Noodles with soup are the popular with teens "Cup of Noodles" which consist of dried noodles with seasoning. When hot water is added to the Cup the noodles soften and the seasoning produces a delicious soup. Some may prefer to eat the noodles right when the hot water is added and the noodles are still harder while others may opt to wait the 3 minutes to ensure for a soft noodle. Restaurants usually cook the noodles and the broth separately, bringing the two elements together right before serving. The noodles may be cooked or may be raw and in that case the customer is generally expected to wait a few minutes to let the noodles absorb some of the broth and soften.

Noodles with Sauce

Another type would be noodles with either a paste or sauce (ex. spagetti). These types of noodles are usually served on a plate rather than a bowl that soup noodles are served in. With this type of noodle the noodle is generally cooked before hand and added to the sauce at the end of the cooking process. There is rarely a time where raw noodles are added to a sauce and served.

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