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a cool sci-fi mystery

This game is definitely worth getting if you:

1) enjoy puzzle games of the Adventure game kind (Myst, Quern, The Room, Dark Fall etc.). There's a good variety of puzzles here, some will require you to have fast reflexes, others that you write stuff down.

2) are fan of mystery sci-fi (2001, Sunshine, Moon, Solaris etc.). The game teases you with different ideas of what actually happened, but my interpretation of it was often questioned, the game keeps you guessing for a long time, which is a good thing.

3) enjoy unusual and novel gameplay mechanics. Not only do you swap and use cameras in different ways, you also get to control a camera-drone and fly around. It was fun and interesting.

4) enjoy immersive games with great atmosphere, like Soma, Ethan Hawke etc.

To be honest, at first I thought this game would be a "walking simulator" or "narrative story"-game, ... which I was 100% fine with by the way (I enjoy that stuff). However this is a "game"-game; you do stuff, you can fail things, you have to make choices. There's a lot more variety to the game than you might initially think, especially on the back of their previous game.

My playthrough took me 20 hours or so, looking for every note of background "lore".

This is quite easily one of my favourite Adventure games, and is on my "best of 2019" list.

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