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    Outside Of The Map

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    A common type of bug where players can leave the intended confines of the game world or map. Exploited in many multiplayer games for easy kills.

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    In Call Of Duty: World At War, players used to be able to go underneath the map Roundhouse by going prone and crawling into the ground at a certain spot. From here they could shoot players from underneath the ground without being seen. Treyarch eventually fixed this, but a short while later another method was discovered for getting under the same map. This one had a much bigger affect on the game, as players were able to get under a much larger area of the map.

    In Red Dead Redemption, players are able to go underneath the Colonel's mansion in Escalera by glitching through a wall. Although the player accesses the glitch by trying to crouch between a plant and the wall, there is an even shot that the player will also get stuck in another area out of the map. This area is a small, windowless, doorless, room that is inescapable. It has been dubbed "the suicide room" by players, as the only way to leave is through suicide. It is assumed that this is just another glitch, and not any effort by Rockstar to deter glitchers. In a related matter, if the player travels north of MacFarlane's Ranch, it is possible to glitch through the map by getting stuck between a tree and a hill. The player falls through the map, leading to three outcomes: 1) the player becomes stuck in one place beneath the map in a clear plain of map, where it appears the player is standing on the sky. Trees can be seen, and players can be shot, but like in Escalera, the only way out is through suicide. 2) the player comes back onto the map in the place where he tried to glitch before, unharmed but invisible. Cheaters utilize this and are virtually unstoppable unless opponents are using the casual aiming mode. 3)The player glitches to the top of the hill where he can ride around the area as he pleases. The hill and the surrounding mountains are all outside of the map.

    Rockstar has noted these issues, and in effort to end cheating, has promised to patch all known glitches in an upcoming update.


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