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    Rockstar San Diego

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    Rockstar San Diego is a game developer, based in San Diego. They are notable for the Midnight Club series, Red Dead series, and creating the Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine.

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    Formerly known as Angel Studios.


    In January of 2010, a blog post published on Gamasutra written by the "Rockstar Spouse" pointed out the unethical practices used at Rockstar San Diego during Red Dead Redemption's development, including 12 hour days and 6 day weeks, with lower-than-the-industry-average salary increase.

    A few commentors on the blog who claimed to have worked at Rockstar San Diego at some point mentioned that the project is "an organic disaster of the most epic proportions ", that the game has been in development for more than 4 years, and that game developers from Rockstar Toronto, Rockstar Vancouver, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar New England, and even the Midnight Club team at San Diego had to be transferred over to work on the game to finish it.

    This controversy evoked similar emotions in media to the "EA Spouse" scandal, but it only seems as if the working conditions at Rockstar San Diego are considerably worse.

    In April of 2010, an email sent by Rockstar PR to a reviewer from the British magazine Zoo was published on several online websites, reporting that Rockstar was requesting Zoo's review of the game reflected 'the huge achievement' the company had made making Red Dead Redemption.


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