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    Midtown Madness 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 21, 2000

    Race and crash through San Francisco and London with even more licensed vehicles in this sequel.

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     Midtown Madness 2 is the 2nd game in the series. This time, developed jointly by Angel Studios (Midtown Madness) and Rockstar San Diego (Midnight Club).

    Game Modes

    Crash Course - Helps you learn the tracks. Jobs include: the London Cabbie school and the San Fransico Stunt Driving School. You can unlock cars and paint jobs in this mode.
    Races - Race against the clock, race against computer opponents, or just cruise the city! 
    Multiplayer - Play against other human opponents by connecting to other computers.
    Quick Race -  Choose your car and you're off! You'll start in the last race you ran. 


    Mini Cooper Classic - The mini makes a sidewalk into a highway, but it's limited power and durability is a mini challenge! 
    VW New Beetle - Cute, fast and able to whip through traffic with ease. 
    London Cab - Small enough for the narrow alleys of London, but it's limited durability means you gotta avoid the walls! 
    Cadillac Eldorado - A balance of performance and durability, you can look good while winning! 
    Ford F-350 - While the F-350 is not normally a race car, it's durability helps make shortcuts in any terrain. 
    Ford Mustang GT - A good all around vehicle: quick acceleration and tight handling, solid construction and a tight suspension. 
    Ford Mustang Cruiser - Great acceleration but weak durability. The Mustang Cruiser is great...if you can avoid the lampposts. 
    Ford Mustang Fastback - A classic muscle car, it's top speed and strong horsepower make the Fastback a solid choice for many race settings.  
    Panoz Roadster - The Roadster's top speed makes it great for paved streets, but don't hit anything or you'll be finished in a hurry! 
    City Bus - All aboard! This bus is fun to drive, but difficult to win races in. It's great for multiplayer blocking! 
    Double-Decker Bus - Lots of durability, but don't expect it to handle like a Mini Cooper! 
    Freightliner Century - Awesome durability, but it's top speed and cornering ability are nothing to brag about. 
    NEW MINI COOPER (locked) 
    VW New Beetle Dune (locked) 
    VW New Beetle RSi (locked) 
    Light Tactical Vehicle (locked) 
    Audi TT (locked) 
    Aston Martin DB7 Vantage (locked)  
    Panoz GTR-1 (locked) 
    American LaFrance Fire Truck (locked)


    Unlike the previous game, Midtown Madness 2 is two locations to visit: San Francisco and London. San Francisco is good for some open areas and hills. London has tight alleys to contend with. 


    Pedestrians - You can never hit a pedestrian, ever. No matter how hard you try they will always dive safely out of the way.

    Tips and Tricks:
    In San Fransico there is a large building with an attached parking structure beside the ocean and near the starting position for cruise mode. You can drive in the building on the ground floor and take a ramp up to the top of the parking structure. From here, the side of the building (covered in window panes) slants upwards at a fairly steep angle. If you have a good car with some horsepower and get a running start from across the parking structure, you can easily make it to the roof of the building.

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