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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jan 15, 2016

    An adventure game about a group of friends that accidentally open a paranormal rift on an old military island.

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    Oxenfree is an adventure game akin to The Walking Dead and other choice-based experiences. The game revolves around Alex, her new step-brother Jonas, and friends Ren, Nona, and Clarissa. An annual get-together at Edward's Island yields deeper, darker mysteries for the group as Alex discovers she can tune in to the Island's history using a handheld radio. The group is split by the Island's cosmic forces, and the player is tasked with bringing everyone together and escaping the horrors of the past.


    The player guides Alex, the blue-haired teenage protagonist, through hand drawn environments and tunes a handheld radio to uncover various mysteries across the island. The game's dialogue trees, which typically requires the player to choose one of three responses, will shape the group's feelings toward Alex as the player progresses through the game. Much like Telltale's various adventure series, which various members of Night School Studio came from, the dialogue choices will fade after a few moments and Alex can be silent in response to much of the game.


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