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Pac_Man is one of the best arcade games to date

Pac-Man is a yellow looking pizza with a piece taken out of it, and collects pac-dots on the screen in a maze type fashion. Each level is designed the same way. In each level there are 4 ghosts that move around and try to get you, and once they hit you, you'll lose a life, when only having three throughout the whole game. Your main objective is to collect every pac-dot on screen, and the larger pac-dots turn the ghosts blue, and then gain access to eat the ghosts while they are blue for extra points.
The overall design for this game looks very cool, and has an awesome sense of style, along with some of the best video game sound effects ever. The colors in Pac-Man are very vibrant, with a very bluish feel to it. 
The control is perfect, as there is not a single problem with the control, they are smooth and never fail to do what you want to do. With fast paced action, and quick thinking, you'll be needing these perfect controls alongside. Pac-Man has the most memorable music in most games to date, and you will have this music stuck in your head all day, and especially at work.
I don't recommend you play this, You must play this game if you have not already. Pac-Man set the staple for tons of games to come in the future, and is revolutionary, along as being the most addicting game of all time. You will not be disappointed, even 30 years later, this game stands high and plays so very well, and is one of the funnest games I have ever played.

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