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National Pokédex No: #674

Central Kalos Pokédex No: #091

Species: Playful Pokémon

Type: Fighting

Ability: Iron Fist/Moldbreaker

Hidden Ability: Scrappy

Height: 2'00''

Weight: 17.6lbs

Egg Group: Field, Human-like

Dex Entries: It does its best to be taken seriously by its enemies, but its glare is not sufficiently intimidating. Chewing on a leaf is its trademark.(X, Omega Ruby)

It does its level best to glare and pull a scary face, but it can't help grinning if anyone pats its head.(Y, Alpha Sapphire)

Locations: Kalos Route 5, Friend Safari(Fighting)


Pancham-->Pangoro(lv.32,if the player has a Dark type in their party)


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