Suggestions for this Community Co-Op stream?

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I'll be streaming a bit of POE on the weekend with community members and I'm open to any suggestions as to what we should try! I'll probably start it at level 1 to prevent the problem I had last time of people jumping in and blazing through everything like a lawn mower before I could even see monsters. Is there anything else I should try to set up? I don't know if it makes sense to do a race to a certain level as I'll probably only have a few hours max to stream but I'm open to suggestions!

There's also a Discord here if you want to chat.

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As far as I go I will probably be messing around with an Arc Totem build but if there are any other builds that are looking fun let me know!

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A thing my friends and I used to do in Diablo 2 was start new hardcore characters, level up to a certain level (usually something low between 10-20) then all fight each other, last person standing wins. Don't know if there is PVP in POE but something like that could be fun!

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@rorie: For sure if the plan is to play with a party of folks, then everyone should have to start at level 1 with you. Hardcore would be fun as well. A fun idea might be this:

Have everyone playing during the stream start at level 1(hardcore probably) when you do, and when someone in your party dies, another community member can take their place. The difficulty early isn't insane, but one can certainly die if not paying attention.

@cmblasko I kinda like that pvp idea. There is a way to "duel" other players in the game, though I don't know how more than 1v1 pvp works or if you can do a bigger private pvp match.

Here's the Private League interface (this is a 110 player league for 40 days at a cost of $90 and can be crowdfunded)
Here's the Private League interface (this is a 110 player league for 40 days at a cost of $90 and can be crowdfunded)

Something else that might be worth looking into is the new Private League stuff. Essentially Private Leagues are custom leagues that can be customized to be more difficult for a specific group of players. Monsters can be made more difficult in a variety of ways and some other cool stuff. One mod I thought would be cool is a mod called Famine, where Health, mana, energy shield and flasks don't refill when entering a town. It would also be an interesting way to keep a specific leaderboard for the community members, as well as keeping a private league only chat and trade. Though this is simple enough if we keep to guild chat only. If this is an option I could help set one up for the PC guild, and we can invite people (though it does cost real monies, with a default of a 10 player cap for 10 days, both can be extended for extra)

Also, I'll definitely be around to manage the GB guild if people are looking to join when you play.

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@meatsofevil: Thanks for the tips! I think they disabled all of their League stuff while waiting for the patch but I'll try to log in the night the patch goes live and fool around with it for a bit.

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Haven't played the game but I am casually interested so watching people that know what they're doing go from lvl 1 interests me from a viewers perspective. On a side note: is the game worth playing single player (not for the stream but in general)?

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@someoneproud: I just started playing the other week and had an absolute blast. The only reason I took a break was to wait for the new league to release (it comes out in a couple of days I think???). The mechanics, combat, and animations just feel really smooth. And I love the creepy vibe and enemy designs in the game as well.

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@someoneproud: I pretty much only play solo, and if I have someone that wants to play I start a new character to play with them. Solo play still quite good.

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@big_denim: @meatsofevil: Sounds good and exactly what I'm looking for atm, thanks for the replies. I'll definitely watch the stream and read some guides etc, maybe jump in in future.

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@rorie: don't remember when you last tried, but PoE now has a level scaling for parties kind of like dark souls now that makes it easier to team up with people who are way ahead on their characters. I haven't seen it myself so I don't know how well it works, and if it does much to help with your lawnmower issue.

I'm planning to try the new winter orb spell myself, along with the reworked ice spear via cast while channeling support.

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@rorie: Is there a replay of the stream? It'd be cool to see your take on the new League. If you're looking to play more PoE, what's the best way to get in on the action?

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@dacooksta: It's on Rorie's personal youtube channel in two pieces. If you're looking to play with some duders there is a GB guild in-game, and a discord to chat in as well. Send me your character name in-game and I can send you an invite to the guild!

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