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Games Modes

Regular Game
This is a traditional three-ball game with all features enabled. At the end of the game, you can use any credits you have to purchase extra balls. 
Daily Game 
this game is available once a day and has only a single ball. You cannot use credits to purchase additional balls. Any extra balls you earn will award 100,000 points. After losing your single ball, you can no longer play this mode until the next day. 
Before a game, hitting the left or right flipper buttons will switch between Hera or Zeus statue heads.


Pressing the B button will start the game, and pressing it again will plunge a ball. 
You can use the Left shoulder button or left on the D-Pad for the left flipper, and either the R button, A button, or right on the D-Pad for the right flipper. 
You can slide the touch screen to nudge the table, but nudging too much can tilt it and make you lose your ball and any bonuses. 

Table Overview

  •  Flippers, Three of them
    • Two at the bottom, and one in the upper right       
  • Shots, Six of them
    • Hades Dead End, Left Orbit, Temple Saucer, Statue Head, Medusa Saucer, Right Orbit
  • Ramps, Four of them
    • Olympus Ramp, Medusa Ramp, Pegasus Ramp, Siren ball Lock
  • Features, Seven of them
    •     Mystery Target, Mini Targets, Drop Targets, Jet Bumpers, Kickback, Lucky Escape, Magnet on right orbit flipper
The Dot-Matrix
 Before and during play, the dot-matrix displays information like Score, Ball Number and Continue Credits. While in a quest, the dot-matrix displays your quest score and time remaining, while playing CGI video pertaining to the current quest. The dot-matrix will also display any awards and bonuses you receive. 


Shoot the Medusa saucer to start a quest and shoot the lit Thunderbolt lights to complete quests and receive tributes. If you chose Hera you receive Golden Apple tributes, and if you chose Zeus you get Thubderbolt tributes.

Quest List

The Golden Fleece 
Put the dragon to sleep by shooting lit Thunderbolt lights three times. Then shoot the Medusa saucer to collect the Golden Fleece. 
The Flight of Icarus
All switches fly Icarus closer to the sun. Fly too close, and the quest will end. Shoot the Olympus ramp to complete the quest safely. 
Capture Cerberus 
Shoot all three ramps to control the tree heads. Shoot them in particular order for a a bonus. 
Sisyphus's Trial 
Shoot any ramp to push the rock up the mountain; shoot any orbit to send it falling back down.
Escape the Clyclops 
Shoot the Medusa saucer to blind the Cyclops. Shoot lit Thunderbolt lights to help people escape the Cyclops. 
Shoot the ball into the jet bumpers to attack Talos's weak spot. 


The inner-left inlane lights the Medusa saucer. Shoot the lit Medusa saucer to turn your ball to stone. Shoot the statue head to turn your ball back to steel. Then, shoot the Medusa saucer to defeat Medusa. 
Siren Multiball 
Complete the left bank of drop targets (O-R-A) to light LOCK on the Olympus ramp. Lock three balls to start multiball. Shoot ramps to collect jackpots. Collect three jackpots to light SUPER jackpot on the Olympus ramp. 
Hades Multiball 
Shoot the Pegasus ramp repeatedly to light LOCK on the Hades Dead End. Shoot the Hades Dead End to start multiball. Alternate between the lit ramps to collect jackpots. 
Pegasus Video Mode 
Shoot the Pegasus ramp repeatedly to light VIDEO. Shoot the Hades Dead End to start video mode. Guide Pegasus using the flipper buttons. Avoid fireballs while collecting stars. 
Hurry Up 
Shoot the lit Pegasus ramp to start Hurry Up. Shoot the Hades Dead End quickly to collect a Hurry Up award. 

Gift of the Gods

There are 12 Gifts of the Gods that are obtained by hitting the lit GIFT orbits. 
Aphrodite - 10,000 Points 
Athena - 20,000 Points  
Poseidon - 30,000 Points
Apollo - Light "Super Oracle" 
Hermes - Light "Hurry Up" 
Hera - Light "Extra Ball" / Award Golden Apple 
Zeus - Light "Zeus's Challenge"
Demeter - Super Saver 
Hephaestus - Super Jets 
Ares - Super Spinner 
Hestia - Super Kickback 
Artemis - Hold Multipliers 


To light ORACLE, you need to light all six O-R-A-C-L-E lights. Then, shoot the lit Temple saucer to have the Oracle choose your reward. Possible rewards are shown in the dot-matrix. 
Completing O-R-A-C-L-E when the Oracle is already lit will light Super Oracle. You can choose a Super Oracle reward by pressing the flipper buttons or B button. 

Tributes, Bonuses, and Combos

Doing well in a quest or completing other tasks will earn you a tribute from the current god ( Golden Apples from Hera and Thunderbolts from Zeus). Collecting tributes greatly increases your bonus and helps you in Pandoar's Box Mode. Bonuses are awarded after losing your ball. You can earn a bonus multiplier by completing G-O-D above the jet bumpers. 
You can earn extra points by performing combos. Perform combos by making ramp shots and orbit shots in quick succession. the more shots you string together, the greater the combo score.   

 Zeus's Challenge and Pandora's Box

Zeus's Challenge 
Collect all the Gifts of the Gods to enable Zeus's Challenge. Shoot the Temple saucer to start, and then shoot the left ramp 12 times against the clock to complete the challenge. Each ramp shot increases the score for the next. 
Pandora's Box  
Play all six quests, collect all the Gifts of the Gods, score a Siren super jackpot or a Siren ultra jackpot, defeat Medusa, and escape from Hades on Pegasus to light PANDORA'S BOX. Shoot the Medusa saucer to start Pandora's Box multiball. Collected Golden Apples award more time, and Thunderbolts award more points. During Pandora's Box multiball, lock all balls in Pandora's Box to win. 

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