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Released on July 24, 2010, Platformance: Castle Pain is a side-scrolling time-based platformer, developed by Magiko Gaming. The game was released on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace, and then later ported to the Windows Phone 7 on November 3, 2010. Platformance was fairly well-received, although it was criticized for its length (at only one stage).


Touching the ghost means instant death.
Touching the ghost means instant death.

Platformance: Castle Pain is a simplistic, deliberately retro platformer, starring an unnamed knight in his quest to rescue the princess. The game contains a single stage, requiring the player to traverse each obstacle in order to reach the princess. Platformance is more time and score based, considering it only contains one level, and playing on tougher difficulties yields more points.

The game is a traditional side-scrolling platformer. The player controls a small knight, whose sole ability is jumping. There are a variety of checkpoints throughout the level, which are absent or further apart on the harder difficulties. Harder difficulties also contain a large ghost, who, upon contact with the player, triggers instant death and a game over. There are no lives, and no time limit, so other obstacles merely waste time and send the player back to the last checkpoint.

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