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PlayStation Move Wand

The PlayStation Move Controller
The PlayStation Move Controller

The PlayStation Move controller uses a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer in conjunction with an illuminated sphere (tracked by the PlayStation Eye camera) to sense the motion and location of the controller in three dimensions. The sphere has the ability to change colors depending on what you're doing in a particular game. On the front there is a large "Move button", which is surrounded by the four normal X, circle, square, and triangle buttons found on a typical Sony controller. There is also a PS button on the front, an analog trigger underneath (called the "T" button), and Start & Select buttons located on the sides of the controller. The Move controller supports rumble vibration feedback, connects to the PS3 via Bluetooth, and contains a lithium-ion battery that grants it ~10 hours of play time when fully charged.

Navigation Controller

The Navigation Controller
The Navigation Controller

Many PS Move games require just a single Move controller to play them, but some other games (such as first person shooters) need an added level of control. These games require the Move be paired with the Navigation Controller, an accessory that resembles the left hand side of a DualShock 3 controller (and in fact a DualShock 3 can be used in place of the Navigation Controller). It features an analog stick (with clickable L3 button), D-pad, X button, circle button, and L1 & L2 trigger buttons. It also connects to the PS3 via Bluetooth and has a lithium-ion battery life of ~30 hours.

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