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Woot Bombcast

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Oh hell yeah!

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Look at dose nugs.

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Finally, now I can get my fix.

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The reason to stay up late on a Tuesday is here!

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Making me hungry with these pictures man

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Woo! But I can't listen until tomorrow (evening?) because it's too late now, and I'm busy tomorrow morning. Eek!

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Wow, a frickin' 2 hour podcast seems short somehow. Oh well I just hope that this means no horridly monstrous email questions this time.

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Oh right, it's Tuuuuesday.

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@pudge: He got me ! Hot flash of sadness followed by extreme relief.

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welp, time to blow $15 on Smoke EatersUniversity Chicken Cluck U

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Tuesdays Tuesdays Tuesdays

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Praiseth be the day of Tiw.

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C'mon Dan, your wrestling name is the Kansas Pepperbox!

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you scared me there @brad!

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I completely forgot that it was Tuesday. I Love Mondays, but Mondays that turn out to be Tuesdays are almost as good.

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Hey everyone it's Tuuuuesday.

@brad it's pronounced "Hay-mish" brougham!

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Hey everyone it's Tuuuuesday.

It's chicken and Boooooooooseday.

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2 HOURS??? Commence riot!!!

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Hmm, healthy snacks... Sounds like a mailbag idea if I ever heard one.

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Stealth Tuesday is best Tuesday.

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Oh god a picture of food and an ad for food, I'm so hungry.

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@criven said:

@pudge: He got me ! Hot flash of sadness followed by extreme relief.

considering past circumstances, it would probably take a nucular apocalypse at this point to bring down the Bombcast.

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Woot woot! Happy times!

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Uploaded by The Giantbomb Staff.

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Woo, Bombcast for tomorrow!

Also, since I'm guessing some people will complain about the more straight ad read in the beginning, here's Jeff's response on GAF:

It's hard to do double goofs when it's the same sponsor for both spots. Figured it'd be best to just quickly get through the first one (it's only supposed to be 15 seconds) and save the "proper" ad for later.

Sorry if that's bumming people out, I figured people would appreciate a faster start to the show.

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This is the first normal advertisement I've heard them do. It's weird, but cool.

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Well I'm out. Ad break 20 minutes in. Premium podcast for me from now on.

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No Caption Provided

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We did it!

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Do they spoil what happened at the panel or the results of the Rumble? I haven't got a chance to see them just yet.

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https://canada.naturebox.com/bombcast leads to a 404 not found error! How will I have my free guilt free snacks now?!

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Well I'm out. Ad break 20 minutes in. Premium podcast for me from now on.

The ad break didn't annoy me, but the more scripted, less funny-ness of the ads really got to me.
I guess I'm going premium podcast too, I held out for so long!

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There better be a whole lot of Persona 5 and Bloodborne talk.

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@golguin: Not much sadly. Jeff didn't see the trailer at the time of this podcast.

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Time to listen to a Bombcast and cause some mayhem.

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I like how they called out Yakuza 0 and Dragon Quest Heroes from Sony's pre-TGS show yet there was no mention of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 :o

I mean, I understand more than anyone why the overall perception for this series is what it is after 2012, but... That is unless they mention it during the emails segment, as I admittedly haven't finished listening to the whole thing. EDIT: Ha, and so they do. Still, weird why it wouldn't be brought up during the actual TGS recap, especially since it was shown right before Yakuza 0.

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"Your coat is a little shinier than usual." *folk music*

Haha, oh my god. :-D

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Well, that ad was pretty nasty. But alright.

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blubber casting

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Do people not have a 10 second skip button on their device of choice? Press it a few times and those rotten dastardly ads won't hurt you anymore.

I do love how Dan's unabashed optimism is clashing with Jeff's want to watch the world burn.

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low energy bombcast this week. can`t wait for the pax archive though.

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Will their PAX panel be archived later on GiantBomb? Or is it on Twitch somewhere?