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Wow. Great podcast. Great job with the thumbnails Drew.

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Oh dear.

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@evilpotato: Watching podcasts is all the rage with the kids on YT these days!

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@evilpotato: I'd say it's more important to have the podcast on Youtube for younger audiences than the actual video. Some podcasts even publish only the audio version on Youtube with just a static image just to be on the platform. Not everybody is used to listening to podcasts on their phone.

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@evilpotato: I believe so. Reaching a larger audience means their ads are reaching more people. And someone could start listening on youtube and then discover the other contents in the site.

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I have to ask this cause i wanna know. what's the point of watching a podcast when all that matters is the audio and the stuff u guyz talk about?

BTW your awesome website is blocked in my shitty country :(

Today's audiences consume a lot of their content on Youtube, and YT generates revenue. If Giantbomb can convince people to subscribe to giantbomb.com and pay money for video podcasts, then so be it.

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Kind of wish the comments for the Audio and video casts should be one since the assumption being they're effectively the same.

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@diegocbarboza: @lurkero: of course. As long as they keep making great content they can and SHOULD do anything they can to make more money and reach to a wider audience.

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@evilpotato: If you could have seen the way Dave Lang makes love to the camera, you'd be a believer too.

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Why are all new Bombcasts numbered now? Are they trying to make it uniform with the Giant Beastcast?

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You're not alone in your liking of Def Jam ICON, Jeff. =P You are not alone!

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@jedted: You can't beat the Beastcast. Which means you can only join it.

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Many people say Dan left for Ny because nobody likes him on the west office

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@jedted: I forgot where but Jeff said It's because the RSS feed data and the iTunes library automatically spits out the date and they eventually found the reiteration of the same information annoying. When they planned out the back-end for the audio and video podcast feed, they just decided they might as well switch over to a numbered system. Also, Brad thinks of episode titles now (not sure where that idea came from).

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@cky4890: I remember jotting down how 3 weeks ago Jeff said "fuck" and I'm pretty sure he was talking about Dan!!

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"They're still a small team. They're stretched so thin"

Then don't charge $60. The "we're just a small indie team! Don't compare us to triple AAA games!" falls on it's face when you're charging triple AAA price.

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I don't get how people who know how Pokemon Go is played think that people who are out playing it have their heads perpetually glued to their screens. When I use it while out an about, I have it by my side and am looking where I walk and looking around at where I am. I only look down at the screen when the sound and vibration indicates that a Pokestop is available or a Pokemon appears, and those resolve quickly. There is little to no reason to constantly have your attention on it. Also, the people who are at these vistas and locations are there because of the game, so it's not like they'd be at these locations on their own. I've seen far more of my city thanks to Pokemon Go motivating me to move around and explore instead of just going to the Gym and running in place.

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@tunacat: They're stretched thin BECAUSE they're making a game that has $60 worth of effort put into it.

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Ah yes. The Iron Galaxy Trio. One of my favorite Hanna Barbara cartoons. Adam Boyes with mastery over vapors, Dave Lang with the power to increase his size and mass at will, and Chelsea Blasko with the ability to fly and control gravity. He's not here but would Johnny V be Birdman in this equation? Some great guests for sure. These dudes crack me up every time. Glad to have Jeff back to bring some much needed salt and pepper to the steak that is the Bombcast. Maybe some butter too. What the hell am I even typing?

I really wish we could've gotten through this without bringing up Rami Ismali's article. Screw that guy. He wants to talk about patch cert when he couldn't get even basic fixes through Sony cert once. Say what you will about whether No Man's Sky delivers on peoples' lofty expectations, the dev team responsible plans to support it and implement as much cool stuff as their budget and fragile game engine can muster. I'm not denying that the cert process for patching games is convoluted. However as well as one could articulate how hard the process is, Vlambeer should put their money where the mouth is and service their damn customers. Maybe some indie devs just suck at programming...period. All I know is that Nuclear Throne first patch on PS4 is currently in cert for like the fifth time and I fully expect it to fail as it has failed for 8 months straight. But who knows, I might be eating my words in the next few days, or 8 months.

Thanks as always for the podcast. Apologies for the vitriol.

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I was kinda sickened by the lengths they went to defend No Man Sky. Like it can do no wrong.

"Its a small team, you cannot have that big expectations!" Well then don't sell it for 60 dollars and market it as if its the biggest and most unique game ever. There are games for 20 dollars with way more content on Steam, also survival open world games with procedural generation.

Also I think the entire marketing campaign for the game has been full of deceit. Like they were always very cautious about showing or even talking outright about the game. Every sentence has always been intentionally vague. And now we have caught Sean Murray outright lying. He said the game has multiplayer, two people met up and they cannot see each other. Its an outright lie.

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@bugberry: "The differences between the planets being how much grass and what color is it." -Brad

That's not $60 worth of content. This isn't The Witcher 3, or Battlefield 4, or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This is an indie game being sold for full price. I will not give it the benefit of holding it to an indie game's standard when it's being sold for $60 retail. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too. With that said, I'm waiting for the PC release and I really hope it's an awesome game. I'm scared it'll get repetitive and boring fairly quickly however. No one will really know until it's out for a couple days and people can sink 20+ hours into it.

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@tunacat: literally 3 seconds later Adam came in and told him there was more variety in the planets than that as he had played a pre-release build and spent like 30+ hours with the game, but ok.

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I don't know, if I spent literally years building a product I would not mind charging $60 in the slightest. I earned it! Video games are hard.

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Nothing like a full priced indie game to bring out the entitled, whiney gamers. Don't think the game is worth the price? Great, don't buy it. But pontificating endlessly and getting upset at other people for buying and enjoying the game? That's just sad.

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It's pretty silly to expect them to have formed coherent opinions of NMS after only playing it for a few hours. I'm sure they're have more useful things to say by next week. As ever, buying games you're unsure of before critical consensus has settled down is kinda dumb.

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ahhhh, Yoot Saito. for a second I thought Noob Saibot was making phone games

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@dan_citi: Weird that the former vice president of publisher and developer relations at Sony would say that. I like Adam, but come on. He was very likely the person who got Hello Games to agree to let them publish.

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I don't care who made a game. If I know I'm going to spend hours and hours playing it, then $60 is more than worth it.,

I would rather spend that then spend $15 on 4 games I'm playing for a few hours.

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Roku version is broken about 10 minutes into the podcast.

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I tried Tap Tycoon on Jeff's mention, and now tried Egg, Inc. I don't quite agree with his assessment of the... goodness of the paid stuff. These incremental games are all about setting stuff up so it goes while you don't play, and then come back to an amassed wealth. Egg, Inc. limits that to two hours without checking in. After two hours, you don't get shit. You can pay 5 bucks to extend that, or spend a sizeable amount of the golden egg currency Jeff talked about to increase it by 6 minute increments. That's really shitty. Good game otherwise, though. I like the systems, and the premise of it. Shame that it has that paywall dragging it down, at least in my opinion.

And yeah, the comments for the audio and video versions should be merged somehow. Feelin' like a second-class citizen over here.

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When did Jeff get married?

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@tunacat: Just because it doesn't have a huge variance between it's locations doesn't mean it's less worthy. Not every game of the same price has $60 worth of levels or $60 worth of playable characters. For the people that like the kind of game NMS is, $60 is worth it to them.