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A neat pinball game, but you won't play it a whole lot.

Positive: - pretty fun - nice graphics and physics - cool rumble feature - perfectly integrates Pokemon into pinball -

Negative: - you won't feel very inspired to play it a whole lot -

Throughout the history of gaming, there have been many pinball games. Most are based off of some kind of movie or another game. Pokemon Pinball is no exception, but it does more than you really need from a pinball game. It's pretty fun, has nice graphics, and integrates Pokemon into every aspect of the game.

Pokemon Pinball offers two different tables: Red and Blue. The design of these tables varies greatly and gives you two slightly different experiences with the game. On both boards, Pokemon (and other representations of stuff from Pokemon) are literally all over the place. They represent pretty much everything on a pinball table from the Shellder bumpers to the Pikachu ball-savers. The ball is a Poke Ball as well, and you upgrade it as you would the bumpers in any other pinball game. It even becomes the next best Poke Ball from the other games! You also get to catch Pokemon as you play by hitting a certain spot and making a puzzle appear. You get each piece by hitting the bumpers. Once all the pieces are present, you have to hit the Pokemon a few times to catch it. After you catch a Pokemon, you can hit another certain area to open the opportunity to evolve it by hitting a certain spot then collecting experience (a little 'EX' thing that appears on screen). When you get a new Pokemon, they are added to your Pokedex, so you can actually try to catch all the Pokemon from that generation if you really want to!

The graphics in this game are pretty nice and clear. I have no complaints here, expecially since it's just a GBC game. There's even a rumble feature (which requires a AAA battery in the game cardridge itself). This is a nice option to have with a game like this. The physics are also as good as they need to be in a pinball game.

If there's one great pinball game I've played, it's definitely this. It's a fun game with nice graphics and has Pokemon all over it without feeling too rediculous, which is great for fans of the series, but won't make other people get lost in it. I'd recommend this game if you can get it for a few bucks (which I did). It will give you some enjoyment for a little while, at least, even if you don't just appreciate it for what it is.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Value: 7
(this does not necessarily effect the overall score)

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