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still has its charm, despite its age.

heh, I suppose you're wondering why I'm writing a review for a game 6 years old. i know there are bigger and better things that have come and gone since the release of the advance generation Pokemon from half a decade ago, but hey, sometimes it's good to admire some of the sucesses of the past.

With Pokemon Sapphire being one of, or the most sold game for the GBA, along with its Ruby counterpart, this follow-up from the Jhoto region replaced its predecessor admirably, with improved graphics and sound, but still keeping the same cries and sounds that have become the tradition of the Pokemon universe, while at the same time, introducing over 100 more of those animal-like creatures for you to snag and battle with, and an engaging story. it also had pre-setting for linking with future games of the series, opening up its diversity for further time to come.

Unfortunately, as is with most games, it had its shortcomings, which held it back from further greatness. firstly, not all of the Pokemon from the earlier generations were present in the game for capture, disappointing some of its fans, who would have to wait on further releases for them to get ahold of the older critters. to make matters worse, Pokemon from the older generation could not be imported to the advance generation, which was another shortcoming. to a lesser extent, after completing the main storyline, there was a sense of boredom that could set in rapidly after completing the Hoenn Pokedex, which unless through finding alternate forms of entertainment in the game, diverted people away from playing it, until the introduction of the newer games, which allowed the unlocking of a national Pokedex, which would contain all of the Pokes from the previous generations, allowing for another burst of collecting through trading.

Despite its shortcomings and age, this game has stood up well throughout the life of the GBA, and despite the presence of sequels such as emerald version, this game still remains one of the best games for the Game Boy Advance to date.

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