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Pokémon Ruby title screen
Pokémon Ruby title screen

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are the twin titles of the 3rd generation in classic Pokémon fare. They follow the established formula with a young boy or girl starting their own quest to become the Pokémon Champion by battling their way through the region's gyms and finally facing the Elite Four.

Along the way they must also thwart the evil Team Magma (in Ruby version) or Team Aqua (in Sapphire version), who seek to awaken one of the legendary Pokemon to expand either the earth or the sea, and allows you the player to come in contact with one of the ancient legendary pokémon, Kyogre or Groudon.


Treecko, one of the new Pokémon added to the Hoenn Region.
Treecko, one of the new Pokémon added to the Hoenn Region.

The game follows a simple turn-based RPG system, that is unique in that you can acquire your party members from battling and capturing them. You travel the world escorted by a team of up to six creatures that you swap out and train for new attacks and tactics. The battles themselves are a turn based affair with the trainer able to use items to bolster the team or catch new Pokémon.

Additions from previous generations include new Pokémon to catch, battling with 2 creatures at a time in special 2-on-2 battles with other trainers, and there is a new gadget called the Pokénav, replacing the PokéGear from the previous generation.

New features

Battle mechanics

2-on-2 Pokemon Battle
2-on-2 Pokemon Battle

In certain situations, trainers may now participate in double-battles, using 2 of their Pokémon versus 2 of an opponents. This was a first in the series. Pokémon may choose which enemy to use a move on, and certain moves may affect both combatants.

Abilities and Natures

Pokemon Contest Condition
Pokemon Contest Condition

Abilities are now present in all Pokémon, and have effects both inside and outside of battle. Examples include lowering the foes attack (Intimidate) or increasing the power of Grass moves (Overgrow).

Natures were also introduced in this game. They affect a pokémon's stats. An example would be the Hasty nature.

This nature is beneficial to a Pokémon's speed in the long run, while hindering its defense stat. Natures also affect which Pokéblock a Pokémon will love and hateike or dislike.

Pokemon Contests

Pokemon Contests
Pokemon Contests

These are contests in the game that allow Trainers to display their best breed of Pokemon.

Ribbons from a victorious Contestant
Ribbons from a victorious Contestant

All the moves in the game are used, but are categorized within 5 types; Cool, Beauty, Smart, Cute, and Tough. All corresponding types are designated to specific contest judging.

The objective is to impress the judge the most in 2 forms; sheen, and move appeal. Sheen is determined by what Pokéblocks are eaten, which can raise the required quality of sheen in that stat area. The second way is through Appeals, which are taken in turns, to earn hearts from appealing. the one collecting the most stars wins.

Secret Bases

Fortree City's surroundings is teeming with bases
Fortree City's surroundings is teeming with bases

Secret bases are what they say; a secret base away from home that you can decorate with many different items. It also draws on a concept first seen in Gold and Silver,

Secret Base display of goods
Secret Base display of goods

whereby upon completing the main story, you can battle your friends' teams for experience points, money, and you can get Pokedex sight entries at their secret bases.

Linking with a friend and mixing records gives you a copy of their secret base for you to access. also, Secret bases can be made using the move Secret Power (TM 10) in holes in walls, piles of grass, or certain trees.


The Legendary Pokémon available without special events are:


Rayquaza, a Dragon/Flying type at level 70.

Regice, Ice type at level 40.

Regirock, Rock type at level 40.

Registeel, Steel type at level 40.

Ruby version only:

Latios, Dragon/Psychic at level 40.

Groudon, Ground type at level 45.

Sapphire version only:

Latias, a Dragon/Psychic at level 40

Kyogre, Water type at level 45.

Special Event Legendary Pokémon


Latios/ Latias - You can catch the opposite Lati@s to that roaming in the game if you have an Eon Ticket.

Jirachi - Found in Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc at Level 5, or at Nintendo Event.

Deoxys - Found in Nintendo Event.


The Pokédex of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald includes all the Pokémon from the previous two games (once the national dex is unlocked).

Hoenn Pokedex
Hoenn Pokedex

The first 151 Pokémon are listed in the Pokémon Red/Blue Pokédex section. Pokémon 152 to 251 are listed in Pokémon Gold/Silver's Pokédex section.

All Pokémon new to Ruby/Sapphire are listed below, with the National Dex Number on the left, and Hoenn Dex on the right. Entries from previous generations have their national dex set as blank.

252/001 Treecko

253/002 Grovyle

254/003 Sceptile

No Caption Provided

255/004 Torchic

256/005 Combusken

257/006 Blaziken

258/007 Mudkip

259/008 Marshtomp

260/009 Swampert

261/010 Poochyena

262/011 Mightyena

263/012 Zigzagoon

264/013 Linoone

265/014 Wurmple

266/015 Silcoon

267/016 Beautifly

268/017 Cascoon

269/018 Dustox

270/019 Lotad (Sapphire only)

271/020 Lombre (Sapphire only)

Ralts, a rare psychic type native to both versions.
Ralts, a rare psychic type native to both versions.

272/021 Ludicolo (Sapphire Only)

273/022 Seedot (Ruby only)

274/023 Nuzleaf (Ruby only)

275/024 Shiftry (Ruby Only)

276/025 Taillow

277/026 Swellow

278/027 Wingull

279/028 Pelipper

280/029 Ralts

281/030 Kirlia

282/031 Gardevoir

283/032 Surskit

284/033 Masquerain

285/034 Shroomish

286/035 Breloom

287/036 Slakoth

288/037 Vigoroth

289/038 Slaking

---/039 Abra

---/040 Kadabra

---/041 Alakazam

290/042 Nincada

291/043 Ninjask

Shedinja, a peculiar Pokemon that originated from Nincada.
Shedinja, a peculiar Pokemon that originated from Nincada.

292/044 Shedinja

293/045 Whismur

294/046 Loudred

295/047 Exploud

296/048 Makuhita

297/049 Hariyama

---/050 Goldeen

---/051 Seaking

---/052 Magikarp

---/053 Gyarados

298/054 Azurill

---/055 Marill

---/056 Azumarill

---/057 Geodude

---/058 Graveler

---/059 Golem

299/060 Nosepass

300/061 Skitty

301/062 Delcatty

---/063 Zubat

Sableye, a Ghost/Dark Pokemon exclusive to Sapphire Version.
Sableye, a Ghost/Dark Pokemon exclusive to Sapphire Version.

---/064 Golbat

---/065 Crobat

---/066 Tentacool

---/067 Tentacruel

302/068 Sableye (Sapphire only)

303/069 Mawile (Ruby only)

304/070 Aron

305/071 Lairon

306/072 Aggron

---/073 Machop

---/074 Machoke

---075 Machamp

307/076 Meditite

308/077 Medicham

309/078 Electrike

Manectric, the Thunder Lion.
Manectric, the Thunder Lion.

310/079 Manectric

311/080 Plusle

312/081 Minun

---/082 Magnemite

---/083 Magneton

---/084 Voltorb

---/085 Electrode

313/086 Volbeat

314/087 Illumise

---/088 Oddish

---/089 Gloom

---/090 Vileplume

---/091 Bellossom

---/092 Doduo

---/093 Dodrio

315/094 Roselia

316/095 Gulpin

317/096 Swalot

318/097 Carvanha

319/098 Sharpedo

320/099 Wailmer

321/100 Wailord

322/101 Numel

323/102 Camerupt

Slugma, one of the Pokemon first seen in Johto.
Slugma, one of the Pokemon first seen in Johto.

---/103 Slugma

---/104 Magcargo

324/105 Torkoal

---/106 Grimer

---/107 Muk

---/108 Koffing

---/109 Weezing

325/110 Spoink

326/111 Grumpig

---/112 Sandshrew

---/113 Sandslash

327/114 Spinda

---/115 Skarmoury

328/116 Trapinch

329/117 Vibrava

330/118 Flygon

331/119 Cacnea

332/120 Cacturne

333/121 Swablu

334/122 Altaria

Zangoose, one of the Pokemon exclusive to Ruby Version.
Zangoose, one of the Pokemon exclusive to Ruby Version.

335/123 Zangoose (Ruby only)

336/124 Seviper (Sapphire only)

337/125 Lunatone (Sapphire only)

338/126 Solrock (Ruby only)

339/127 Barboach

340/128 Whiscash

341/129 Corphish

342/130 Crawdaunt

343/131 Baltoy

344/132 Claydol

345/133 Lileep

346/134 Cradily

347/135 Anorith

348/136 Armaldo

---/137 Igglybuff

---/138 Jigglypuff

---/139 Wigglytuff

349/140 Feebas

350/141 Milotic

Castform, a Pokemon that changes with the weather.
Castform, a Pokemon that changes with the weather.

351/142 Castform

---/143 Staryu

---/144 Starmie

352/145 Kecleon

353/146 Shuppet

354/147 Banette

355/148 Duskull

356/149 Dusclops

357/150 Tropius

358/151 Chimecho

359/152 Absol

---/153 Vulpix

---/154 Ninetales

---/155 Pichu

Pikachu, one of the original generation of Pokemon available in the game.
Pikachu, one of the original generation of Pokemon available in the game.

---/156 Pikachu

---/157 Raichu

---/158 Psyduck

---/159 Golduck

360/160 Wynaut

---/161 Wobbuffet

---/162 Natu

---/163 Xatu

---/164 Girafarig

---/165 Phanpy

---/166 Donphan

---/167 Pinsir

---/168 Heracross

---/169 Rhyhorn

---/170 Rhydon

361/171 Snorunt

362/172 Glalie

363/173 Spheal

364/174 Sealeo

365/175 Walrein

366/176 Clamperl

367/177 Huntail

368/178 Gorebyss

369/179 Relicanth

---/180 Corsola

---/181 Chinchou

---/182 Lanturn

Relicanth, an ancient Pokemon found at the bottom of the sea.
Relicanth, an ancient Pokemon found at the bottom of the sea.

370/183 Luvdisc

---/184 Horsea

---/185 Seadra

---/186 Kingdra

371/187 Bagon

372/188 Shelgon

373/189 Salamence

374/190 Beldum

375/191 Metang

376/192 Metagross

377/193 Regirock

378/194 Regice

The Legendary Regice of the Regi Trio
The Legendary Regice of the Regi Trio

379/195 Registeel

380/196 Latias (Sapphire only)

381/197 Latios (Ruby Only)

382/198 Kyogre (Sapphire Only)

383/199 Groudon (Ruby only)

384/200 Rayquaza

385/201 Jirachi (event only)

386/202 Deoxys (event only)


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