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Toon Link's first and greatest adventure yet. 0

The Wind Waker Story takes place in the world of Ocarina of Time, Hundreds of years after that time period's Link fought and defeated Ganon. Ganon re-appeared soon after, but Link was no where in sight, trapped in the land of Termina. as a result, the only way for the gods of Hyrule to prevent the return of Ganon to power was to flood all of Hyrule, as a last resort, and the land disappeared into history and was forgotten...and the Great Sea was formed. this is the world of the Wind waker chapte...

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Third time's the charm. 0

As most pokemon fans know, the first two generations of pokemon had two matching games, followed by an enhanced remake of them, with extra features. Pokemon Emerald is no different. in fact, it runs with the extra features and expands them greatly. Anyone who has played The Ruby or Sapphire versions of this game would know the story: Two rouge teams, named Magma and Aqua, where one is good and the other evil, and switching between these roles in the games, tries to awaken the game's mascot Pokem...

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still has its charm, despite its age. 0

heh, I suppose you're wondering why I'm writing a review for a game 6 years old. i know there are bigger and better things that have come and gone since the release of the advance generation Pokemon from half a decade ago, but hey, sometimes it's good to admire some of the sucesses of the past. With Pokemon Sapphire being one of, or the most sold game for the GBA, along with its Ruby counterpart, this follow-up from the Jhoto region replaced its predecessor admirably, with improved graphics an...

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One of the last good sonic games on a console. 0

Well, considering this review is out 7 years after the game has been out, one should know of the many Sonic titles that have been released, most of which have been disgracefully unplayable*ahem*Sonic '06*ahem*, and should never had been made in the first place. anyways, enough negativity and on with the review.  Sonic adventure 2 takes place through two storylines interlinked between the heroes and the villains, the Sonic team of sonic, Tails and Knuckles, against Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, and 2 new ...

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