Popeye Ijiwaru Majo: Sea Hag no Maki

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 12, 1994

    A Japan-only Popeye game for the Super Famicom. It combines platformer stages, board game elements and mini-games.

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    Popeye Ijiwaru Majo: Sea Hag no Maki ("Popeye and the Harassing Witch Sea Hag") is a Popeye platformer-action game from Technos Japan. After Popeye trounces his nemesis the Sea Hag, she gets her revenge by separating all of Popeye's friends from their lifeforce, causing them to turn to stone. Popeye has to recover all their life energy (in the form of hearts) from a board game-like grid while avoiding the various heavies that have been sent to deter him, including his rival Bluto who is hoping to win Olive Oyl's heart by rescuing her first.

    The game was released only in Japan for the Super Famicom.


    Each stage takes place in a grid, and Popeye moves around by rolling a die and moving one to six spaces around the board. Some tiles allow him to purchase upgrades, recover health, move to other map squares and play through small platforming sequences. Occasionally, Popeye can bump into moving enemies on the map (similar to the overworld enemies in Super Mario Bros. 3) and fight a quick one-on-one battle with them for bonuses. His goal is to land on every square with a heart on it and find the heart in the stage somewhere. By collecting them all, Popeye saves a friend and moves onto the next board.


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