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Popple, "Shadow Thief"

Popple is one of the main antagonists in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Popple calls himself the Shadow Thief, and he is a robber who is constantly edging in on what Mario and Luigi are involved in. When Mario and Luigi first encounter Popple and his sidekick Rookie (later revealed to be an amnesiac Bowser) in the Chucklehuck Brewery. The two were looking to steal the secret to the world's best soda, which is made at the brewery. Mario and Luigi fought Popple and Rookie, easily defeating them. They showed up later in Chucklehuck Woods, but are destroyed by the Chuckolator.

When the brothers made it to Woohoo University, Popple and Rookie were in the basement trying to steal the Beanstar. Popple and Rookie challenge the brothers again, and this time they have their own Bros. Moves to try and defeat them. After the battle, a Peach robot crashes through the ceiling and activates, irritating the Beanstar. Mario, Luigi, Popple, and Rookie all grab onto the Beanstar and are flung to all corners of the Beanbean Kingdom as it crashes through the roof.

Popple alone appears later, trying to steal a piece of the Beanstar from a statue in Chucklehuck Woods. Being without any sidekicks, he is incredibly easy. He appears later, this time with a new "Rookie," Birdo. They have made a lair of some sorts in Teehee Valley. Popple finds an unconscious Luigi in Teehee Valley, and uses him to lure Mario into the base as well. After Mario manages to free Luigi, Popple is angered and attacks Rookie. Birdo has fallen hopelessly in love with him, however, and doesn't care. When the two lose to Mario and Luigi once again, Popple freaks out and blames it all on Birdo, who punches Popple through a wall. Apparently, this knock caused Popple to lose his memory, and as punishment for his crimes he is forced to help with community service in Little Fungitown. Ironically, he is called Rookie. 


  • "I'll be taking that, see?"

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