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Has anybody else been playing this? It is a free mod for Portal 2 that you can download through Steam - you just have to have Portal 2 in your library. Without saying too much, it is a full story with all new puzzles, voice work, etc. I actually just finished it, and I found it to be excellent. I think referring to it as a mod is perhaps selling it a little short - I thought it was impressive enough that it could very easily be called Portal 3.

If you enjoyed the Portal games at all, this is well worth checking out. Fair warning though, it is considerably more difficult than Portal 1 and 2.


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Yeah, I think it's really good for a free mod. The only issue I have with it is that the voice acting isn't professional sounding. It's like (or is), the creators doing the voice work, and it's not great. I don't know if I want to finish it though. I got to a point in which I was saying to myself 'I don't know if I really care to try and figure these out right now', even though the ones I did were pretty easy. Maybe I'll get back to it, but I wasn't really feeling the whole portal puzzle thing when I played it last (which was yesterday night). Honestly, that's probably my least favorite part about Portal; that's why the first Portal is my least favorite. They're interesting, but I'm more into it for what atmosphere they can bring outside of the puzzle areas, and the characters and story, and I love the twists they bring, like how in Portal 2, they'll make it seem as if they want you to do a puzzle, then nope, you have to escape. I love the abandoned office complex settings. But yeah, I think it's well made enough that it's weird there's no price to it.

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@ntm: I'm not sure how far in you are, but I agree that the voice work near the beginning (the Cave Johnson impression) was mediocre. Once you get a little farther in, the voice that speaks to you for the majority of the game was better because it wasn't trying to emulate somebody else.

Based on what you said about atmosphere, areas outside the test chambers, and story, I'd say stick with it if you can.

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@baconhound: No, the Cave Johnson in the very beginning was fine, though it clearly didn't sound like him. The one that's emulating, once you wake up and it's years past I have an issue with. The explanation in game doesn't matter to me, it's just not very good. To me, it sounds like some dude that gives commentary as they play a game, like YouTuber's. To me, while I understand how they're making it, and maybe they just don't have (enough) money so they have to do it themselves, but it would have benefited to get an actor to play them. Everything else is so well done that it would have helped a lot to get an actual voice actor, because then, it would have perhaps felt like it was canon instead of some fan made thing. Also, I wasn't saying I'm done with it altogether. It seems short enough too. I just don't think it's the thing I'll be playing right now and sink my time into alone. Oh, and the voice is trying to emulate Cave Johnson. I put a spoiler tag there, but it's not really a spoiler I think because I remember it's in the description somewhere.

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Y'all are stupid. They can't get JK Simmons, and it probably wasn't worth scouring the internet to find a close sound-alike. It was a gruff, male voice; that's all you need to convey that, hey, this is supposed to be Cave Johnson but we can't hire the actual guy.

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