Pretty Girls Panic!

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    Pretty Girls Panic! is modeled after arcade classic "Qix", with a few extra features to appeal to modern audiences, such as online leaderboards.

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    A gallery image for Stage 1 model, Maya
    A gallery image for Stage 1 model, Maya

    Pretty Girls Panic (stylized as Pretty Girls Panic!) is an arcade style game where the goal is to uncover the background by sectioning off boxes that disappear when encircled. Each stage features a certain anime girl in the background, who will react to sections getting cleared. Once enough of the background is uncovered, the game will clear the rest and reveal the complete image. The girl in question will then also be available in the main menu's gallery, as a separate image unrelated to the rest of the background.

    Some stages also incorporate differing enemies that can bounce off surfaces, home in on the player's location or shoot out projectiles. Enemies include crabs, turtles and starfishes. Sectioning off an area with a monster will clear them off the board, which incorporates a combo system tied to a high score rank. There are online leaderboards for each stage.

    Maya, as seen in-game
    Maya, as seen in-game

    Pretty Girls Panic is a throwback release, reminiscent of the Gals Panic franchise, which is in itself the sexualized version of Qix.

    Stages usually feature the models either in various stages of undress or donning certain fetishized costumes, such as nurses' outfits or schoolgirl uniforms. The final stage differs from this pattern, featuring only fully clothed models in kimonos, as it is implied the models are very young or "teens."


    Pretty Girls Panic has a total of 14 stages, each featuring a different model. Stages can contain between three to five boards, which will feature that stage's model in a different outfit. The final stage varies from this classification, instead having four boards that each feature a different model. The 14 stages/models, in order of appearance are as follows. There are three stages, unless mentioned otherwise:

    The Yukata Girls, from left to right: Sakuya, Momoka, Reira and Hibiki
    The Yukata Girls, from left to right: Sakuya, Momoka, Reira and Hibiki
    1. Maya
    2. Shion
    3. Hiroko
    4. Ami
    5. Saya (5 stages)
    6. Kaori (4 stages)
    7. Ren (4 stages)
    8. Akeno
    9. Yuuko
    10. Aisias
    11. Seras
    12. Reiu (5 stages)
    13. Cecil (4 stages)
    14. Yukata Girls (4 stages)
      • Sakuya
      • Momoka
      • Reira
      • Hibiki

    Every model originates from a certain 18+ hentai visual novel, associated with publisher Zoo Corporation.

    Pretty Girls Panic has 38 achievements on Steam. These trophies can simply be unlocked by playing the game, as all but two are tied to simply clearing stages. The two outliers are an achievement for playing the game the first time and clearing every single stage as a whole. The two difficulties "Easy" and "Challenge" do not factor into the achievements.

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