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    Princesses of Heart

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    In the Dark Seeker Saga, seven women from various worlds hold the right to be Princesses of Heart. Those who are true of heart are these chosen ones. These include Cinderella, Snow White, Belle,Princess Aurora, Alice, Jasmine, and Kairi. The hearts were from the X-Blade when it shattered into twenty.

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    In the Kingdom Hearts franchise Maleficent, the main villain of the known Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty, takes it upon herself to recollect these Princess of Heart. The Princess of Heart are seven women from various worlds who are pure of heart and because of this they all have the ability of opening Kingdom Hearts when it is originally all put together...

    Princesses of Heart:

    • Cinderella from Cinderella
    • Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    • Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    • Princess Aurora/Rose from Sleeping Beauty
    • Alice from Alice in Wonderland
    • Jasmine from Aladdin
    • Kairi an original Kingdom Hearts character

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