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    Pro Moves Soccer

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released November 1993

    An international soccer game co-developed by Danish studio BGS Development and Japanese studio ASCII Entertainment. Notable for being one of the first games worked on by composer Jesper Kyd.

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    Pro Moves Soccer (sometimes AWS Pro Moves Soccer, AWS being the fictional sports league "ASCIIware World Sports") is a Sega Genesis soccer game released exclusively in North American territories. It was co-developed by the European/Japanese cooperation of BGS Developments (a Danish studio) and ASCII Entertainment. The duo had previously worked on racing game Double Clutch the previous August. The game is also noteworthy for subcontracting its sound and music to new developers Zyrinx, which would later go on to develop Sub-Terrania the following year, and features future Assassin's Creed composer Jesper Kyd on its soundtrack.

    The game features 32 international sides, including a few misspellings like Cameroun and Rumania, and includes a Training mode as well as standard Exhibition and Tournament modes. It uses a vertical perspective of the pitch and exaggerated caricature-style portraits for its players. It also features a number of voice samples that call out events like throw-ins and goal kicks.


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