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Achievement Whore Game 0

I'm going to keep it short because this game doesn't fit  the GiantBomb demographic only if your an achievement whore like me you should be playing this game...  What I liked: It works its easyIts shortI got 950 points out of it What I didn't like: Unskippable cut scenesVery brown graphics and the movies are really colorful.You have to play the levels twice to get 100% to get all the pointsThe harbor level sucks, and is the reason I don't have a 1000 points. My advice is put on some music or a p...

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2010 Review: God of war Collection 0

I have to make something clear as I'm writing this review in the year 2010 where HD graphics are the rage and the best ever action adventure game was Uncharted 2. So it's easy to say that this game is old and out dated but I had a lot of fun playing it but there where some not so fun parts in there too. Although I never played the game till now I was aware of it's existence the problem was I never had a ps2 and at that time I had an xbox and was a not so avid gamer that I'm now. I always wanted ...

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I really was surprised that I liked it... 0

The reason for that is because I didn't think I was a loot drop lover. But I am, and I even finished the game in a view sittings over 1 week. That is also because the campaign I played was 15 hours long, so that is in my 15 to 20 hours I can only play 1 game before I switch over to an other one, range. But I think I will get back on Too Human before 2 Human gets released to level up my level 28 champion up some more. I totally agree with Jeff his review cause every thing about this game is ave...

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